Saturday, February 5, 2011


I made dinner with Ethan. I was also at Coles to try and find sticky date pudding and was so sad to see it was empty in the fridge, and after I raided the back and found some (happy happy! :D) I realised I knocked over everything ooooops.

I changed to black shoes... haha

Trainee Amy

Then got ready for work and booted. The event was interesting with carnival games and a jumping castle inside the club but unorganized and stressful for me due to the whole postponing weather situation.

It ended up being alright though, my area of care was very quiet that night. I had a trainee having her first shift and she barely spoke English so I practiced my Chinese. After it was evident the night was quiet I partied through her (as I was driving) making her drink and dance with all my friends haha. I think she had fun! She even picked up a few of my friends hahahahhaa.

Some of my friends even won the toys from the Carnival games. Chris shot 12 hoops in a row winning two big plushies!

They even had Chinese Lion Dancing again, in the night club! Isn't that hilarious? A very intriguing yet amusing concept for a clubbing night!