Friday, February 4, 2011

Flash Flooding

I took Lego a step further wtih a 4 handled bazooka and Nike air forces for my horse

I had work on the Friday - as usual at Neverland. I had a quick job interview at Baraki so I popped over there with Kevin at 9pm where the two Kevins had dinner at a near by restaurant. I met with the boss who looks like a sexier version of Vin Diesel with a British accent *melt* and we talked over details a little. He showed me around the bar, and asked me a few questions.

I think I was terrible at leaving a good impression as his charming smile knocked me off my feet hahhaha and I was super shy!

I left for work to only get a message saying that it was to be canceled due to flash flooding (we're dealing with the wings of the Cyclone Yasi up north right now) and that all the electricity got cut and areas were flooded.
Rain brings out the curly side of life

Even when I was on the way to work there were many roads flooded and we had to detour, I took this photo if you can see from under the bridge its just filled with rainwater. I saw 3 cars attempt to implode in to only get their engines smoking like stunts in movies! Silly silly.

So seeing as work was canceled, I decided I'd go apply for jobs - but the boss from Baraki texted wondering if I could fill in as a till lady tonight so I accepted. I worked from 10:30 pm to 2 am and to be honest it was boring.
Bored doodlings, someone played naughts and crosses with me LOL and another said I will design his next tattoo HAHAHA terrible idea..

But for sitting down for 3.5 hours it wasn't that bad! They had a funky jazz band playing and I couldn't help tap my feet and sing along in my head. The vibe inside was amorous and with the patterned wall paper, lingerie looking curtains, yellow lights that hung from the ceiling and a till that I had to bang open with my fist - it was a very arresting atmosphere to be working indeed.