Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I hung out with my 5 year old boyfriend, Ethan today. And he said he couldn't wait and moved our date to today. After showing him the trailer to Tangled I convinced him to watch that instead of watching Gulliver's Travels again.

Everyone else tried to invite themselves to the movies such as his parents and grandparents but Ethan threw a tantrum screaming, NO ITS ONLY ME AND DEENA! I found that absolutely hilarious - oh and I was totally flattered hahahaha!

I want to buy a video camera, ever since I got a blackberry I've obsessed over recording everything and I think it'd be lovely to have some rolling memory footage :) that'll be my next buy! As well as a new guitar and more importantly a beautiful ukulele with a pick up and inlay! Hahaha, I'm demanding I know.

I LOVED TANGLED! I was actually the only one who literally L-O-L throughout the whole movie, cracking up at Pascal the Chameleon and Maximus the Palace Horse! I recommend it to anyone!

Some naked apartment pictures...

I made Mohabs a name tag that will superciliously outshine all bland name cards!

Anyway, I got a comment today from a boy across the world saying,
"Deena, i must say you have a gifted voice. You had me starstruck when i saw you in San Fransisco, especially when you held open a church door for me and smiled. It undoubtedly made me day. There were countless occasions during that day where i thought to myself, "What are the odds?" Keep up with the amazing videos =)"

I thought back to my American trip and knew the exact moment he was talking about! I'm pretty sure it was at the modern Mary the Assumption church that I spent about 15 minutes praying to load off for the new year - and came out smiling, opening the door and letting people pour in. I've learned my lesson, always smile because you don't know who is coincidentally watching! I thought it was pretty amazing how fate works sometimes!

In Hong Kong I was bitch face galore, because the Asian citizens would always eye me down like a piece of meat so eventually it ate at my soul and I had a grumpy facade at anyone who stared at me, but from now on I will try and take it lightly and just keep that smile ignited hahaha :)
Everyone else smile too! Otherwise it's going to be difficult for me to do the same!

Oh oh, I have a job interview on Friday night before my shift for another bar :)