Monday, February 21, 2011


At the live seafood joint, is it strange the eels love huddling like that in a corner when they have the hugest tank?

Like all my other holiday dates.. Today was just as progressive. I sprawled all over the bed watching Grave of the Fireflies and talking to my sister for the rest of the time.

I read The Sartorialist then had a shower to get ready for dinner. My friend Phillip is spontaneously going for a week trip to Japan. I wish I could go do something for myself like that but I don't even know what I want.

The dinner was different, you wouldn't have thought that I'd leave the restaurant claiming organic carrots as the best dish but that chorizo and sour cream flavour drizzled over the rabbit food made it numero uno in my mind.

We started off at the bar, each gulping our own glass of Donhoff Tonschiefer Riesling. The tattoo covered waitress then brought us to our table where we had,
Slow cooked octopus with aioli, dehydrated olive

Wagyu bresola with beetroot and almond
Rabbit terrine, prune and caper fish

Aylesbury duck, confit leg and roast breast, plum sauce and spiced turnips
Then the organic carrots with what I'm guessing is chorizo, sour cream and almonds

Dessert was a mint icecream with rose jelly and melon, and some sort of sweet sparkling wine syrup

I made Phillip look like a poof by adding a heart shape icon at the end of his signature, bwahhaaaaa!

We walked out and was welcomed by the spiteful cold winter wind, that shouldn't be there in summer! I checked the temperature to find that our beautiful summer days are getting eaten by 13 degree cold winds.

Chris then picked me up and we headed over to my favourite Brunetti's for Pistachio and Vanilla macaroons. I. Love. Macaroons.