Friday, February 18, 2011


Happy One Year Anniversary Living Independently In A New Town Called Melbourne, Deena!!

Okay, now that that's settled and I've reflected on how fast time rocket pasts you.. I did nothing except form a basic outline proposal to myself for when I want to go overseas for incalculable worldliness.

It goes something like this,
The Plan
1. Work out Visa requirements (Working holiday?)
2. Accommodation specifics
- Close to MRT
- Nothing ghetto
- Inexpensive
- 2 Bedrooms
3. Travel Insurance
4. Overseas Bank Accounts
5. Shipping Arrangements
6. Settling in Expenses
7. Flights

You're probably wondering why 2 bedrooms but that's because I'm dragging a partner in crime with me to gather courage and make that chicken shit into... sandstone. I have no idea what that metaphor meant.

I got picked up by Kevin at 7 and headed to eat Korean BBQ. It was this lovely cute wooden abode that I had tried to eat at before but was booked out. We got the $39 Combo which gave you all the entree dishes, tofu soup, rice, and 3 types of meat. I'd say it was a good bargain. Don't you just absolutely LOVE the sesame oil and salt dipping? So simple yet gastronomical.

Kevin dropped me off to work where the skies started to cry rain. I don't want to bore you of my night but Ashley Malia from Babe Boulevard came down to do a Go Go Show. No one had ever heard of her but apparently she's big in the US. She was alright, but I'll admit she has a nice tush. This was my work poster of her for this week...

I had to write on a piece of paper this guy's reservation for the booking because we had misplaced his namecard so I asked him his name and he says, "Just write Alex in the middle and your mobile number in the corner."

I just laughed it off and said GOOD TRY but later on he came by and was like,
"We should go for drinks"
"I'm working"
"What no I meant.. We should go for drinks tomorrow"
"I'm working tomorrow"
"I meant, we should go for drinks next week"
"I'm still going to be working"

Hahahaha hilarious!