Tuesday, February 8, 2011


FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A GABILLION YEARS (more so, since I've been back from overseas) I WOKE UP AT 7AM! YES, YES! IT IS A MIRACLE!

So I woke up 300 minutes prior to my usual wake up hour to go whisk the Fujisaki family to Victoria markets - frankly, the best markets I've been to in Australia for produce, merch, and other gourmet, fancy things.

Ox tongue, everybody chime in with an "EWWWWWW"

Ox heart

Apple Cider.. didn't realise it'd be such high alcohol content, sculled it and felt a little tipsy :S

We then trammed over to Chapel street for them to look around, we were going to go for coffee but our stomachs said, "NO ME FIRST!" so we went all the way to Lygon Street for some Italian pasta. I had the usual carbonara fettucine with its creamy decadence and slight chilli sparks exploding in my mouth.

We walked back into the city and explored the town. It was by this time that they got tired so I decided to go to Baraki to collect my pay and then joined them at their hotel after. Before I rested, I popped by this cute little hat shop that sold authentic hats. I need a new hat, especially for Northern Territory this week.

Dinner was at Movida, as everyone is obsessed with Masterchef - we had beautiful bombas, jamones ham, octopus salad (this was awesome), saffron wet rice with beans and chicken, confit pork belly and spanish doughnuts.

We drove to Eureka towers, Melbourne's sightseeing tower where we absorbed in the city lights and paid a little extra to have the edge experience, where this glass box sticks out 3m away from the building. It's pretty scary but I've embraced myself in similar things with Tokyo Tower's little glass panel floor and Grand Canyon's skywalk. It was still a great experience!

I went home and watched The Tourist (lame) and latest episode of Gossip Girl (awesome)

Hi, my name is Pickle, well that's my surname. Deena bought me to accompany her as all her old cacti have been given away to close friends. I would like a first name starting with P, please help me with some suggestions like Preston or Paddington. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

perry the cactus