Saturday, February 26, 2011

House Inspecting

I woke up early to go house inspecting with Quinton. Quinton and I went back home to jam a little and then watch television. We actually started writing a new one too!
I've driven past this so many times, and it only takes one newcomer to notice how elaborate and extravagant this KFC is hahaha!

Chris, Cueton and I watched this show called, "How to Survive a Shark Attack" that was terrible and full of common sense. It would've been so much better if they made it a commercial length because the most vital information would've only taken 3 minutes long. The rest of the 52 minutes were a waste of hunka junk time.

Quinton changed my guitar strings, and I was totally wrong about getting a new guitar! Hahaha with the new strings my guitar sounds beautiful once again! Look how rusty the old ones were...

Kevin came over and we cooked bulgogi and I made a Greek salad. It was a totally random combination! The supermarkets didn't even have sesame oil so we couldn't make the Korean dipping so we improvised with olive oil, cumin seeds, sea salt, table salt and black pepper! Funnily enough, the whole unmethodical approach to dinner worked like a charm on our taste buds!

I went to work where my colleagues made me scoff 5 tequila shots. I'm not one for drinking but damn the bartenders there love their alcohol. There was a fellow new French bartender and we introduced ourselves as we are the newbies, I forgot that the French are known for affection. He hugged me with all his muscle capabilities then kissed me three times on both cheeks!

At one point I dropped a 2 dollar tip under the counter (Australian $2 is a coin) and I flashed my phone light to find all these baby cockroaches huddling over it, pit pattering their feet and laughing at me like, "KEKEKEKEKEKEKKKEE" so I just shuddered and thought, "Fine, you guys can have it."

Afterwards I went to visit Mohabs at my old apartment block. After a few hours of talking, the exhaustion really swept over me and I went home. It was good seeing Mohabs though, it had been a while and I missed lots of juicy information about him such as his NEW LOVE LIFE WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sorry for my boring post, I'm still so worn down and buggered
Remember the cute fluffy dog siblings? They got a shave so they look like little rat bags hahaha!