Saturday, February 12, 2011

Northern Territory

I'm sorry for not blogging about Friday night but I got caught in a rush as I had to prepare for my impulsive adventure to the Northern Territory.

I landed this evening in Alice Springs to just see bush, bush and more bush. The town is very little and the taxi driver warned us about the refugee Aboriginals from the cyclone disasters as they fled here and are causing trouble so to not stay out too late.

We ate dinner at a saloon/pub and I ate a camel pie! I know, why would I chose that meal but one of my dreams is to just eat strange things so I took the plunge.

We checked in then headed over to the supermarket. The beetles, cockroaches and moths glittered the floor and we were so disgusted but we hadn't embraced ourselves for areas with light. The supermarket was caked with bugs, more so- dead bugs.

We walked back to an area where many rock wallabies were grazing on the insects. They were so adorable!
This was everywhere.. like this photo was at the door of the supermarket

Got an early morning traveling and camping around Ayer's Rock so I'll write when I'm back.

Happy Valentine's Day!! I've never celebrated but hope the love cherubs shoot you in the bottom!

Can you find all 8 wallabies?