Thursday, March 24, 2011



I am in Singapore now, yes I know I didn't really warn anyone. The thing was, I booked really cheap flights ($170 return) for my mum's birthday. Carlos joined us too!

No wonder why the flights were so cheap, I had 4 seats to myself on the plane and I sprawled all over to have a beautiful sleep. All I needed was a blanket and a pillow and I would be happy!

Instead, I used my book as some sort of hard pillow.

Afterwards, we feasted on Hainanese Chicken and quenched our thirsts with barley water. We went to Sim Lim Square to find that it was a mega technology building of rip offs and then walked around Little India.

Now we're just chilling in our little loft at Robertson Quay!
(I'll put photos in later)