Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trey Songz

I picked up Deshna to come back to mine where we watched a snippet of 'My Best Friends Wedding' but had to cut the ending short as we were pushed for time. We had to get ready for *drum roll* ..... TREY SONGZ!!!!!

It took longer for us girls to get ready but we got there. We left to go to the drive through bottle-o to purchase Moscato and Cienna red wine. Desh and I in a typical Australian manner, pre drank in the car sharing the Moscato. We picked up Quinton who was handed the red wine to finish in less than 5 minutes. Poor Chris had to bear with our inebriated antics.

We got to my work place (I took the night off to de-stress with my Brisbane friends) we danced and ran around waiting for Trey Songz. I was so happy to be with all my Brisbane friends that were here for a few days (and Quinton who now lives here).

I am the whitest..




My childhood buddies

But when Trey Songz came on, my heart skipped two beats, my jaw dropped, my eyes rolled back and I jumped in ecstasy! And you know, talking about drugs - I think Trey Songz was on something during his performance... We were all talking about how his eyes were always like O_O and it was a little scary.

Quinton saw how terrible I was at taking photos so he offered to use his height to his advantage... to only get this photo of Trey. Yeah, I know.. that's NOT Trey (he failed).

But otherwise, a great performance by Trey Songz and his live band. Chris, Wes and Desh's favourite 'Already Taken' made them ooze with excitement but when my number 1 song stunnier, 'Can't Be Friends' leaked through his vocal chords, well, I nearly believed he was singing it just for me as I smiled with delirium.

Photo bombed


We then went to go eat at the 24 Hour Greek Cafe, Stalactites. We stopped by Baraki and had a few drinks then ate beautiful mixed dips with pitas and souvlakis.