Monday, March 14, 2011

The 12 Apostles

Seeing as today was a public holiday, Chris decided to take Quinton and I (who have yet to explore the wonders of Great Ocean Road) the Twelve Apostles.

We started our journey with a little NBA 2k11 =.= then actually hopped into the car to zoom off to the coastline.

We had no idea that the Twelve Apostles were so far away! I mean everyone goes for the weekend trip down to Torquay or Lorne but no one ever thinks that the Apostles (near Port Campbell) are about 5 hours drive down. I think it was more because of the public holiday spirit, everybody went down to enjoy a rare nice day so there was a little more congestion.
Crazy cobwebs, are there some spider species that like to group together?

The roads were windy, and for the first 2 hours we were like, "Oh wow, what a beautiful drive" but slowly we started mocking how we've seen the same thing for about 4 hours.

About 7 or 8 Apostles left..

And the roads were in the same pattern, it would swoop into the mainland and out to sea and then to your left there would be a little pond, it would swoop into the mainland and out to sea and then to your left there would be a creek, it would swoop into the mainland and out to sea and then to your left there would be a small beach inlet etc. etc.

We had our first break at Torquay where Quinton and I purchased "100% pure icecream" I have no idea what that is even supposed to mean. Now I'm curious what the icecream that doesn't advertise "100% pure" contains.

A very blunt warning sign

I chose the "Revenge of the Nerds" flavour which was a lemon sorbet with Wonka nerds thrown into the mixture. It was so delicious and refreshing! Now I think I should avoid 100% pure icecreams though, because I started to deliver a huge stomach ache in the back seat.

I held on for about 4 hours and when I got to Apollo Bay, I let my pain go. Well not so quickly, I set up a beautiful princess seat on the toilet (where you layer toilet paper onto the public seat) then I sat down to only have to wait as a girl came in. She took so long and I was holding onto discomfort. She finally left (and forgot to wash her hands) and I'm sure you can guess the rest.
I am awesome at taking typical happy tourist photos!

After I came out, I felt so empty. You know those days where you feel like a dried up prune? Yeah, that was me. If you don't understand me, this is how I felt:

You know how big the ocean is but you don't really... DO YOU GET ME?

A mother duck with her ducklings started crossing the road, and Chris impulsively dodged them but the car behind us and the car in the opposite lane failed to do so. As I looked behind me all I saw was tufts of feathers. I hope they're okay :(

We continued on our journey and when we arrived at our destination, all we could say was, "YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSS YESSYES YES YeSSSsessssS!"

Got bored waiting for Quinton to come from the toilets so I was doing helicopter hair

Unfortunately, we will never return again unless we decide to roadtrip to Adelaide as the drive wasn't worth the spectacular. We stayed for about half an hour, basked in EVERYTHING to make it all worthwhile and headed back.
Ruba's first long journey

Quinton's first driving experience in Melbourne

Near the car parks there was a moo cow farm, and the inner child in me gleamed! I made Quinton stop, turn back so I can look at them and take some photos. You know, for big fat animals they're quite attentive and alert! As soon as I approached the fence, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them was staring. I felt like I was in my underwear!

And when Chris came along, jumped beside me and did a little, "ROAR" all the cows ran away! I now understand why a little dog can control herds of cattle.

On the drive home we saw heaps of sheep, actually at first they all looked like tufts of grass on a hill. Very cute!

I will one day retire somewhere like this, at a beautiful hillside by the sea side.

We stopped by Apollo Bay for fish and chips, it was so delicious!! I had grilled fish with a Greek salad. The other 2 boys had Seafood platters for 1.

We all started getting energetic in the car, because 9 hours of driving is a little hectic and little energy is spent so our dinners decided to go to our heads.

After that, I started getting sleepy but was woken up when Quinton full on swerved in the darkness. I woke up smashed into the side of the car, head hitting the roof top and I screamed, "WHAT HAPPENED?"
Long haired Quinton

Apparently there was a kangaroo chilling on the road and jumped into where Quinton dodged so that was unfortunate. We stopped the car and hunted for the poor thing with a flash light for a good 15 minutes, up and down a road. I heard a slight squeal but we couldn't find him so we just gave our wishes. We looked at the car and saw a big mark from the front to the middle of the car but no damage.

It was time for my input of the journey. We stopped by McDonalds where we saw this guy in his car with 4 dogs hunting for a rabbit in the gardens. We saw him shine the beam onto the dumbfounded bunny but don't know what happened after that. I can't believe he even had the guts to drive around in a public garden. He could cop a fine easily!

I completed the third leg of the journey and started up a karaoke session. Even though there was plenty of driving, it was a beautiful day. I live in a beautiful country.