Monday, March 28, 2011

Flaming Lamborghini

We started off our day at Craft Complex; which is a small area full of little huts and bungalows that sells or showcases Malaysian artists and traditional art. So many are them are filled with talent that made me skip around the entire complex with amazement!

I saw traditional batiks being made, painting, charcoal sketches, wood carving, pottery etc.

Carlos and I got our sketches done, but when the man finished Carlos' he said he had to go pick up his son from school so he got his friend to do mine. Disappointment and a half. Mine looked like I was a 40 year old woman, that sort of resembles me. I was so devastated - whenever I get any portrait done (like in America my clay face) it never looks like me!
Carlos and my mum said they were husband and wife and the artist totally bought into it! He thought Carlos was 40 something! But to everyone else we say we are siblings and.. people still buy into that even though we look nothing alike. Probably because we're both tall haha!

I got bored so I started serenading my mum with awesome lip synching of the radio song playing

My face is pretty simple isn't it?!

We got peckish so we moved on as this craft place only had very, very unhygienic local food. We ate at Food Republic and slurped up some ramen! Of course it wasn't that great but the green tea egg tart was spectacular! We then started our shopping stream starting with the huge Pavillion mall. We moved around a little then got enticed by this little masseuse girl offering us the fish spa. We were looking for a place for so long to experience the fish spa so we gladly accepted her advertisement. We went up Piccolo Hotel to a massage parlor called Makino Kaze.
That face was because my mum gave me the hand sign that the drawing looked nothing like me

We enjoyed the fish spa for 30 minutes (this is where a particular species of fish all feast on your dead feet skin cells). We started off with the very little fish, which tickled us crazy rather than tickled our fancy. We started getting used to the little nibbles so we moved to the big fish.

IT WAS UBER TICKLISH, I was laughing like crazy not caring whether people were staring at me or not. I couldn't bear the tickle pain! My mum was such a hog with the fish though, probably because her feet were the smelliest. She always had clans hanging off her feet.
Mum bought this for me haha

You wouldn't think the fish spa would do much but my feet were so supple after that. My mum and I then enjoyed a foot massage. This was the best one we had and I fell asleep with my head tilted backwards and then woke up when my saliva choked me hhahaha!

We went to Times Square where there were 12 levels of shopping. There was also a theme park upstairs.
Mum cracking up!

Then we popped on over to dingy town Chinatown, and every stall was filled with fakes. I was such a bitch to those market stall attendants, harrowing them with insults as they tried to rip me off. I eventually got one shirt down from 59 to 6, mind you, it took me about 20 minutes. They don't budge!

I know, I was probably a little mean but the fact that they thought I was a naive tourist and was spitting out lies about quality and uniqueness compared to other stalls (they all sell the same stuff) ticked me off.
I don't understand why the word 'breast' needs to be on the sign of a beauty salon. Maybe a word needs to be after it like enhancement or something.

Fake Tiffany

We enjoyed hawker food where we ate typical Chinese dishes as well as black peppered deer, which is delicious.
I got my haggling strut on

I decided it was time for my mum to enjoy her first shot of her life. We warmed up sharing a cold beer then I ordered a Flaming Lamborghini as I heard it was a little smoother than the Liquid Sunfire I had a few nights ago.

My mum did pretty well but soon after she decided to go back to the hotel room and sleep. Hahaha!


I'm proud to have been the one to enforce her first Western spirit (She's only ever had sake, wine and beer).