Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marina Bay

We woke up from our sleep which wasn't really sleep but more like a brief nap. We didn't sleep much at all as we did laundry, packed our bags and cleaned up after we got home late last night.

Sleeping in the car

I twisted my bad sports injured ankle on the way out of KFC, I didn't see the exit step HAHAHAAHAHA!

Johnson picked us up at 5:50 am. As we checked out they notified us to pay a fee of 821 ringgit which is about 240 AUD - either way, something expensive. We questioned what was it for and they said it was an international call. Mum, Carlos and I all denied using the phone for international calls so I disputed hard. I asked them to give me the number that was dialled.

They said it was Johnson's number (taxi driver) and I instantly got grumpy. I told them that Johnson is a local so it can't be international to start off with AND then I said Johnson is a taxi driver so I called him to only make bookings not to talk about intimate affairs for hours on end. Even Johnson came in and was like what the hell!? We didn't talk for THAT long and even though we did have one convo that was fairly long it would've only costed about 30 ringgit.

Hot and scared of the butterfly park

The lady then said not to worry about paying the bill as they recognised they had a system stuff up. I told them I am willing to pay the local calls I made because I'm not denying that I didn't use the phone completely but the lady reassured me that I don't have to pay anything for their inconvenience.
Wild lesser fruit bats nestling under a roof

Lion's meal

See the birdie? It was pecking at the rhino's sore, the beak was covered in blood, eww! And the rhino didn't do anything, one thick-skinned animal!

Johnson then rushed us into the taxi and he sped all the way to the airport. I was so tired, and so was everyone else. Our eyes were half closed as we had breakfast at the airport.

We arrived back to Singapore and headed to Marina Bay Sands.

Being pulled out of bed

When we got there I understood that we were quite early and our rooms wouldn't be ready but I wasn't prepared for being told that our rooms would be ready until 3pm. I thought standard check in was at 2pm usually! Anyway, I was very disappointed (probably more because I was exhausted) and I asked them why it was going to take so long and they said it was due to high occupancy. I kind of cracked and said I didn't pay this kind of money to hear excuses about not being able to handle high occupancy. I went to my mum to tell her what's taking her so long and when I came back the receptionist's hands started shaking so I think she was scared of me, oops!

Anyway we dropped off our luggage and caught a taxi to Singapore zoo. The entire rainforest scenery was de ja vu for me and reminded me of my childhood. I think I remember the zoo the most of my 14 year old Singapore trip. My mum also mulled on about how she took me here when I was a child and now I was taking her.

We were all exhausted so we tried to finish off the zoo as quick as possible. I watched the feeding of cheetahs, lions, gibbons, meerkats and giraffes. Then we all decided it was time to go home. We went back to Marina Bay Sands (a 5 star brand new hotel in Singapore) at 3:30pm to only be told that our room wasn't ready at this point I was so cut that they handed me a suite on the 5th floor. I was still disappointed because I paid for a high level room and I cared more for the view than the size of the room but we stayed in the suite to rest until they were ready.

The only reason I was more agitated than usual was because I wanted this to overwhelm my mum but all this trouble just made me feel like I had failed to organise. Anyway, Carlos took my mum for afternoon tea at The Club Room and I rested for half an hour.

The other half an hour I went about the suite, angry, and grabbed stuff that I liked - little sewing kits, bath salts, loofahs, body scrubs, hair tie, postcards etc. Hahahahahahaha! I'm such an immature child.
Mum and Carlos convinced me that I was a loser wearing a tshirt into the pool... I felt so uncomfortable though!

So it was soon back on hahahaha

The concierge arrived with our luggage but it was time to move to our room. By then it was something after 5 but the room was the worth the wait. I was blown away by the view on the 48th floor, with all the ships glittering the hue Singaporean sea, I was taken back to a Brett Whiteley painting.

I took another nap, then went to have cocktails and canapes at The Club Room. I was so tired from my nap cut short. On the away back to the hotel room we bought mum some patisserie and got matches from the bar downstairs. I was lighting up the little cakes and one of the employees were staring at me thinking I was going to light the place on fire.

We crashed into our hotel room to find that my mum wasn't there. We thought we failed but we saw her sitting outside in the balcony and soon ran out to sing a grand Happy Birthday to her! She seemed mellow but happy.

Afterwards we all took a refreshing summer night swim. The view from the SkyPark was breathtaking.

I can't really describe it but take a look at the pictures, the way it has been architecturally designed is genius. The pool appears to just have a dead end where mystery lies in where the water goes and how safety is ensured. The water just acts as a frame to the picturesque view of the stopover city.

I WANT THAT 57th FLOOR POOL! Apparently its only the 3rd best pool in the world!

After we all cleaned up, we had midnight snacks at Rise cafe downstairs, but surprisingly for an expensive hotel each meal was huge and delicious for its price.

Then we all had well deserved Snow White-like deep sleep.


mizziam said...

Your blog is rad. Especially of late! All these exciting travel logs, stories and pictures! = ACE. (: Thanks for sharing <3.

Richard Uttley said...

I agree with Mizziam!