Saturday, March 5, 2011


I spent the day trying to find a white shirt to wear for work tonight as my bar is turned into a function.

Wow, its surprising how expensive women clothes are compared to men's! For one white collared female shirt, I found one for 100 dollars and I knew that was not worth it for waitressing and bartending so I kept up my hunt.

I found men's shirts for like 30 bucks but there was no other white shirts for women. I even looked in bargain stores and they only had size 12 and up. I finally found one my size in target and it was down to 23 dollars so I was happy.

I got ready and started work at 5! We had a meeting and discussed who was doing what. I was delegated to do waitressing, so I walked around with the platters and served food.

In the early night though, Emma and I poured champagne and offered greetings to the invited people. It was a VIP function room for the Greek Festival held on Lonsdale street. Baraki was right next to the stage so it was the perfect set up for VIP. They even had hired a tent to extend our small little bar into this huge function room! Amazing really, especially because the windows of the bar became the doorways through to the extended tent area!

The fast paced, mind boggling music of the Greek filled the air - and it made all of us run around hectically. I felt so stressed and ran around like a headless chicken serving heavy platters of food. The music just made all of us tense and worried, and as the night progressed - the music got faster and faster, making our eyes twitch and our hair stand on its end hahahaha!

The food platters were so heavy that us girls were so sore by the end of the night! I'll admit and say Greeks love their food so when I came out with a fresh platter of spanakopita or saganaki cheese, they flocked to shore like seagulls and pecked at it. Then they'd yell at us to either get more or different variety! Sometimes they'd even half eat it and put it back.

I remember one time they got red pepper pesto on my face and I had no idea, til I came back down to get a new platter and the chef was like, "Um, you've got stuff on your face."

Another time, I remember a man accidentally disassembled the food onto my arm, a steak here, bread there, tomato on my wrist. And instead of leaving it and grabbing another one, he goes, "Ahh, I'll just eat off your arm!" HAHAHAH I thought it was hilarious, and kind of weird.

Everyone was tired and the free drinks made all the guests ready to stumble home. The Greek music and line dancing finally stopped so all the employees huddled and had a drink before heading home. That glass of red wine went straight to my head.
The last platter, cupcakes.. I dropped my one and only though :(