Friday, March 25, 2011


So I started my day off with a vanilla sencha tea and croissant. We then strolled over to the Clarke Quay MRT station and caught the train to Orchard Road.



Carlos' paparazzi shot

We relaxed and enjoyed some retail therapy. I mainly shopped at Zara and Topshop because its so cheap cheap and addictive. I then realised that I won't be able to enjoy shopping there for much longer because Zara Melbourne is coming which means Australia will be jumping onto the fast fashion band wagon too (which means you'll be wearing the same clothes as people around you which just cheapens it).
My mum... desperately wanted to see the price tag. We think she has a fascination with mannequin bum cracks.

We started to hear our tummies rumble so we went into one of the complexes to decide on a restaurant to eat at. I saw Itacho Sushi and made the plunge for another Hong Kong repeat experience. The sushi was even BETTER and FRESH, I was drooling and it just melted in your mouth!

We were imitating the Asian tourists who would one by one go up to the fountain and pose in the same fashion as their previous friend (the pose I am doing). We found it hilarious because they didn't vary it up and it was always to the right with the same leg over. The Asian men would pose like Carlos.

My turn to be the man

My adorable mummy

Everyone was staring at our table at how much we ordered, about $300 SGD all together! But we were full, actually we didn't even eat dinner because it fed us that much!
Misting my legs haha!

I think their chode arms look so cute!

"Ouch! Merlion is biting my hand!"

Kissy kissy, lion fishy!

I was naughty and walked in the pool feature, it said not allowed to enter!

We left to finally head over to Sentosa Island. We caught the monorail over and stopped at Waterfront station. There we put our bags in the lockers and looked around. We walked towards the famous merlion statue and then onto the tram stop to go enjoy the man made beach views.

I wish this opened already

Initial reaction

I gotta admit, the beach looked pretty tempting and tropical, just the many industrial ships silouhetting the beach background cheapened the beach to a not so natural feel. We walked over to Underwater World and flushes of childhood memories poured into my brain as I remembered being here when I was 13. Most of all, I love jellyfishes - they are so mushy and cute!

An Indian man was standing outside Underwater World with his makeshift snake stand but I paid and enjoyed the feel of the slithering, fear-provoking creatures. First I was uber scared, then intrigued but now I am totally fascinated by them. Afterwards I just couldn't stop patting and talking to them. I got to have two wrapped around me, an albino one and a carpet python.


We then decided that we had had enough of Sentosa island so souvenir shopped a little. Then caught the monorail back to Vivo City and enjoyed a little more retail therapy there. Our feet were so sore by then, and my shoulders put the tense in intense so my mum pretended she was going to buy these awesome Osim massage chairs, so Carlos, mum and I all got to have one each as well let ourselves delve into the massage sofa kingdom. MY GOSH, IT IS THE BEST MASSAGE CHAIR I'VE EVER BEEN ON!

We then had some fresh juice, I had a Guapple (isn't that adorable? Yes, its guava and apple) and both Carlos and mum had the "O" passion. The name Guapple sounds so cute that I even ordered it like a baby. We caught the train back to Clarke Quay where we enjoyed the night riverside markets. I bought swimwear and haggled 3 dollars off the price. Hahaha, it was hilarious she was like 33 and I was like 30. She then went on and on and on about rent and etc. Mum and I didn't care and just bullied her into 30.
Uber concentration

We all were so glad to be back at our hotel loft to wash away our sticky film of Singapore humid weather on our skins!