Sunday, March 13, 2011


My Sunday morning drawing of Chris the puppy dog LOL

Needless to repeatedly say, I woke up in the afternoon. Had my confetti breakfast (this is where we just chuck the scrambled egg and shredded bacon together so its easy to eat, totally our invention!)

I lazed around, organized some things for Carlos which I will tell you guys soon once its all settled and then got ready for my Friday work's recognition night.

It was at Marrakech Cocktail Bar and strangely enough it looked more like a suburban drug house dimmed by purely red light at 10% strength - a perfect spot for guys to get laid because you can't see anyone's face.
I look so timid because I was grumpy lol

I just hung with the girls, abused the bar tab and had shisha. I was extremely bored and wished I didn't dress up as much (they told us it was extremely formal). I had 9 shots in total and it didn't hit me at all so it was my Irish side tonight. I would've thought I would have K.O'd because I rarely drink.
So, I think I look more Middle Eastern today...

I was going to either go to see Steve Aoki or Cosmic Gate for a little bit, but I was pooped. On the drive home I had a huge McDonald's feast where I discussed with Chris how Maccas has the best coke ever as it is the right consistency of cola syrup and carbonated water. So satisfying!