Friday, March 11, 2011

Guitar Case

My humorous drawing of Chris when he sleeps with his double chin

I've blanked out what I did during the day (sorry, I'm stressed after the Japan earthquakes).

At night time, we rushed over to get takeaway from Kanpai Teppanyaki and popped over to Quinton's to have dinner. Quinton hasn't got any furniture yet, so three of us huddled over his guitar case as a makeshift table.

We ate our beautiful meal while trying to avoid all the bugs that wanted a quick snack as well. One fell into my rice and squirmed in joy!! I think the sudden change of humidity has brought out all the insects, its crazy how many of them were out to party this particular Friday night!

Quinton and I then quickly jammed our Monday Morning tune and then I headed to work. Quinton and Chris dropped me off and I lived out a stressful night.
I had a fight with 2 customers that were being a pain in the ass and thought they were heroes moving furniture around and changing arrangements when they aren't even authorized to. Also, a lot of disorganization was going on with the new system which means my bottle girls and I had to cop crap. Its okay though, I'll just take a deep breath in and out!

Jeri Lee, another one of those go go dancers came and.. even though she looks more, um, provocative? She was a much better entertainer and crowd mover than that other girl (Ashley Malia was it?). I didn't get to really watch though.

I saw my uni friends there and Quinton + Chris came to join later on. I ran into my friend Hwi who I hadn't seen in a long time, and obviously he was quite drunk because as he saw me, he ran towards me ready to tackle me. I saw it happen in slow motion so I put my clipboard in front of me as some sort of shield and applied force to the best of my ability.

This is what happened next..
1. The clipboard snapped
2. I was tackled
3. With my catty reflexes, I managed to pull the front side of my skirt down
4. The back side of my skirt was heaved up for the world to see
5. I was devastated and humiliated as I wore bad underwear that day
6. Hwi placed me on the ground as I recollected my dignity
7. People then came up to me all night complimenting my bottom
8. Social suicide

HAHAHA BUT I'M GOING TO TRY AND JUST LAUGH IT OFF. The worst part was when my girls (I'm their manager) started saying, "I SAW WHAT HAPPENED HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" of course I didn't hear the end of it all night LOL. OH WELL, GOOD FUN (this is my motto for 2011 for some reason.. I say good fun to everything!)

I then danced up the floor with AJ but the songs were uninspiring so we headed home.