Friday, March 18, 2011


I went into the city to meet Mayo, Judan and Bayu - they grabbed a coffee first but I had enough of my recent caffeine experience so I opted out.

We then went to Cookie to have some Thai cuisine - I was missing my beef fillet with green papaya salad so much! Judan chose the second dish of green curry. Both was exceptional!

The bartender at Cookie gave us a digestive shot of - I actually don't know, it tasted like whisky, citrus and a bit of rosewater? I don't know, I didn't really like it so I gave it to the boys.

Mayo and Bayu had to go work but before they left proposed to Judan and I to work at their radio. I have no idea why they asked me because I'm terrible at self expressing without my crazy hand actions! I'm considering it for life experience but I wouldn't know what to talk about hahaha!

Judan and I then walked to the Lindt Cafe to buy a box of macaroons. I prefer Brunetti's but they were still delicious. We then chilled on the corner of Spencer and Collins street outside The Age building where a nice slant of grass was. We talked about life, age and travel.

Work tonight was as per usual, busy busy stress stress. While I was outside managing, I got to hung out with two beatbox champions. My work brought in Korea's #1 beat boxer J-Cop and 2005 World Beatboxing Champion, Joel Turner (You may remember him from Australian Idol or his song "These Kids").

They were both super friendly and seeing as I had work and couldn't watch their performance they gave me a little snippet. I can't even imagine how all those sounds could come out at once, its crazy! They sounded really cool. J-Cop was all about the chart hits and Joel was about the sounds.

Joel and I talked a little and we found out we're both from the same home town and lived only a suburb away from each other. For someone whose had some fame since he was 16 he was really laid back and easy going.

He even called me at night to say thanks for taking care of him while he was down in Melbourne and wished me the best! I think J-Cop was also grateful that I took care of him because the other managers were off their faces.

At the end of the night, my new trainee was following me around after the shift ended. So I decided to play cupid and hooked Kevin and her together. Man, Kevin was on the ball! It took him like 5 minutes to get her digits. I was even nice and bought the new girl a shot and took her home because she was waiting for her friends and I felt bad leaving her.. hahaha.