Saturday, March 26, 2011


We woke up at a way-too-early 6am, where my eyes clenched on tightly pleading to keep asleep. We eventually got ready, said goodbye to the adorable loft and went on our merry way towards the airport.

I'm coughing because the budget terminal looked like a hospital

We got there a little too early so had some breakfast and claimed back GST. I bought a new book titled 'Water for Elephants' and on the plane I finished the boring book I had been reading forever titled... 'Blossoms and Shadows.'
Still happens though!

Indian hawker tried to sell us tiger claws.. he also had a baby tiger claw set too! Ugh!

The plane was delayed but it didn't matter too much because in the end the flight took about 20 minutes! The shortest flight I have ever been on (apart from helicopters).
Froggy legs

Wooo!!! We finally arrived at the destination that I was excited for! I've been to Singapore as a stop over when I was 13 or 14 but I have never set foot into the islands of Malaysia.

Obviously oblivious

The immigration took forever! We then pushed all our luggage outside to only find out that we had to buy taxi coupons. I think they are trying to cut down taxi fee haggling.

It was an hour's drive into the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We checked into Pacific Regency and found out we got upgraded from a Deluxe Suite to an Executive Suite! This room is MASSIVE, there's a kitchen, huge glass panels for viewing of KLCC (we can see Petrona Twin Towers from our window), luxurious bathroom, big double beds, vintage couches etc.

We had lunch at Bukit Bintang (Jalan Alor) then popped into a taxi to head to Central Market. Taxi drivers, interestingly, get commission for taking tourists to this area of Malaysian shops. We thought, yeah why not check it out, so he took us to a leather warehouse then a Batik workshop. Stingray leather is really interesting by the way, it just doesn't look so appealing.

The batiks are so beautiful! We saw them all in a back area hand painting each silk cloth. Firstly the wax drawing is executed, then the colour painting, colour fixing then wax stripping and then are left to dry.

We finally made it to Central Market where Carlos and I had ugly henna done to our hands and arms (because the cool henna artist was away that particular day). We did it for the experience anyway. We had to leave it to dry for one hour.

I bought a few pashminas, a skirt and many souvenirs. Oh, and I haggled with my bully partner (mother) to get the best bargains!
Nigerian buddies


We went back to the hotel and had dinner at the fantastic Thai restaurant on the 23rd floor. Today was Earth hour and we had dinner at the exact hour from beginning to end of pure darkness. It was interesting to be eating dinner with surroundings lit only by candlelight.

Our exhaustion started kicking in delirium and we were the only table to exhaust laughter incessantly. At one point, Carlos screamed at the waiter for more water. It was so hilarious because I was like, "Carlos, just because its dark doesn't mean they can't hear us!!"

The Thai food (Mango salad with crispy fish, grilled chicken with spicy lemon seasoning, spring whole Thai style chicken) were absolutely gorgeous except way too spicy for our vulnerable tongues! I drank about 10 glasses of water complimented with a young coconut. It was the best Thai I've ever had! Dessert was alright though, I had a chilled creamy sago and yam. We also shared a chocolate truffle and a mango pudding. It was hilarious eating in the dark, food went everywhere, forks were dropped and even other customers were like "I ordered Crab soup this isn't crap soup!" then the waiter would be like, "Oh yeah its Tom Yam." then he'd grab the candle to shine onto the soup for confirmation and then realise, "OH NO! This is actually Crap soup, sir!"

Carlos and I then went up to the rooftop bar. The scene was a perfect pool party scenery, it had a great atmosphere! I had a cold Corona with lime while Carlos experimented with a Liquid Sunfire - it looked so cool! The blue fire trickled into the drink.

Carlos ordered me one and they upped the ante by placing a bottle opener ontop of the cocktail glass, then an entire empty Galliano bottle on top to pour the liquid fire down into the glass. The feeling was hot down my throat but then extinguished by a shot of a dessert drink. The drink was epic! My ears, throat, face, body burned afterwards.

Yes.. which means I am writing this blog tipsy and with un-coordination.