Thursday, March 3, 2011


I paid for my overindulgent Sydney trip when I pushed myself by eating oysters, octopus, scampi, shellfish etc. because that night when I slept I woke up 5 times to a pain similar to someone stabbing me in the stomach.

I had to continuously rush to the toilet hahahahaha for a not so happy ending! I felt terrible all day and my stomach felt so raw!

I enjoyed lunch with my university friends for Martin's birthday and then went to pick up Phillip at the airport.

We had Nando's for lunch and Phillip unloaded gifts onto me hahahaha, I requested for shot glasses because I collect those from places I've been to and I forgot to ever grab one from Tokyo. He also gave me marching LGM's, candy, a scary Hokkaido mascot keychain, a bear mobile chain and hilarious socks!


mr. rager said...

you deserve all that diarrhea!