Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chinese Friendship Garden

We woke up at 9 am to order room service and then went back to sleep while they got our breakfast ready! It was both heavenly and horrible when they knocked on our door, meaning only two things - our stomachs were going to get fed with glorious food but our sleep was now to end.

Hahahaha, I ordered a Full Monty Breakfast and Carlos ordered a Asian Breakfast set.
Sleepy, sleepy!

Cute jam jars

Carlos' beautifully decorated congee

He laughed at my fluorescent green socks :( They were so cool back then, okay?!

We then went to the Sydney Chinese Friendship Garden which is a symbol of alliance between China and Australia - a beautiful garden nonetheless

So I never realised until Chris pointed it out to me recently, that I stand pigeon toed.... LOL

My makeshift tripod so I can take photos of both of us hahaha

Carps are so cute, especially when they gape for air and their rubbery lips are like :O



Clash of the Dynasties


Yep, definitely princess-like

The ladies even bothered to put flowers in my hair! HAHA I think its because my hair is so unruly and unkempt

Mulan, okay I wish :( It's my childhood dream to be Mulan

A.. little sadistic LOL


Ze emperor stabbed meee!

Goanna, my Melbourne friends didn't even know what these are!!

When I was a child, I picked these up by the tail haha. This one was so photogenic, providing the camera so many different angles

I bought a kangaroo scrotum bottle opener and totally going to use it at work HAHAHAHA

Kangaroo paw! :( if it makes you feel better, the particular species of kangaroo they cull are abundant in numbers, yeah I know its still sad

Sushi for afternoon tea

I bought a Japanese magazine from Kinokuniya Bookstore and as I am obsessing with maroon lately.. really cheap maroon wedge boots!

Oooohhh our chauffeur ride to the airport was a white limousine this time!

I instantly fell asleep on the comfort of limousine cushion, and also drooled on it..

Thank you so much Carlos for dragging me along as your plus one to your free Sydney trip! I enjoyed stuffing my face with fine foods as always and adventuring out into the city I actually love to hate hahahhaa! Afterwards, Carlos and I had a dead battery problem to deal with so we walked all the way to the front office to borrow a battery pack to jump start the car. Hahahaha!
We were back home in Melbourne, all exhausted and ready for bed! First, Chris, Carlos and I all chilled out eating Chris' puff pastry pizza and then traded movies off each other's hard drives. Bye bye Sydney!