Sunday, March 6, 2011

Antipodes II

Round two of the Greek Festival!

Beforehand, I popped by Ikea to go explore in the amazing staple store of furniture and housewares. We were meant to only buy a shelf but I got lost in the iconic blue and yellow world. I remember being here one year ago, when I moved to Melbourne and was buying all my domestic needs.
They're testing the chair infront of us! Haha so cool!

I bought the new version of those night time glow lights, I think the old ones are cuter but I'm going to collect them all! At least these ones aren't just one colour but a gradient of blue & green, red & purple!

I then went to work! And repeated the whole process again. Except with already spent arms, so it was even tougher and the pain had spread to my shoulders.

I totally forgot to mention that the VIP we had were like all Channel Ten news readers, Red Simons (you know in Big Brother, judge for Australia's Greatest Talent and Who Wants a Millionaire etc.) and even Masterchef contestants. Oh, we also had political figures like the Lord Mayor etc. but I don't even know who that is for Victorian electorates.

Some of the news readers were friendly, some less so - and Red Simons was hilarious! He cracked jokes with me and when I was like, "ARE YOU RED!!!!!" he was very cool, friendly and naturally smart arse about it! Good to know his TV personality is the same in real life!

The night for Sunday went slower, and we didn't finish up at like 11. Instead we finished at 12. While we were cleaning up, I got to take a quick photo of Phillip from Masterchef eat his cupcake! He was very nice when I said I watched him on Masterchef and knew who he was (we all know he was the contestant that always cried though).

During the night a 50 year old tried to hit on me, asking me if my BOYFRIEND eats these particular platters and if he can take me out for coffee and dinner.. as well as buying me a drink from the bar. I tried to avoid him all night.

My colleague had someone ask her for her number and when she bent down to pick up rubbish, an old man smacked her and said it was unavoidable!

I had one old man pinch me on the cheek for about 20 seconds (long time in real time) but that wasn't sleazy. I just felt loved hahaha! He pinched me because he thought I was adorable and a hard worker hahaha!


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