Thursday, March 17, 2011


Of course everyone asked me today if I was going to celebrate my Irish side. Unfortunately, I didn't really but I'm happy to see old men celebrate it from head to toe.

I went for my trial run at Joy Cupcakes (they had Guiness choc cake w/ Irish buttercream cupcakes today), I turned up in this little corporate slash casual attire (the dress code is collared shirts and then whatever bottoms). I really enjoyed working there, it was very cute - I folded many cupcake boxes, served lots of happy customers their cupcake break and I even learned how to make some coffees.

So far I know latte, long black and flat white. You know what I find fascinating? I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm surrounded by many such as my mum, who always complains, "Aghhh! This coffee is burnt."

So I thought the art of coffee was harder than most presume. But actually, coffee is just a simple art. You know where that burnt taste comes from? If they leave the granules on the rim of the flask - so what all baristas need to do properly is just flatten the top and wipe the edge nicely!

I also now understand how that lovely cream froth appears, seeing as I was so happy to be learning I drank my first own-made latte. Gosh, the caffeine kicked in overdrive and I was up until 5 am the very next day still buzzing! HAHA, I will never drink coffee again.

I brought two cupcakes with me my favourite, chocolate marshmallow and I wanted to try the strawberry shortcake to give to Deshna when she collected me from work! I was so happy she was down in Melbourne for a few days.

We had lunch at Pie Face, ate the cakes and then bummed on a street bench for hours catching up. We strolled over to Baraki to grab my pay and a few drinks, then had dinner at Izakaya Chuji. I made her try the beef tongue (I always make her try new things) and success to Deena once again as she enjoyed it and even gobbled up the very last one!