Monday, March 21, 2011


I spent a lazy afternoon with my Brisbane friends, I just enjoyed their balcony overlooking Southbank, CBD and docklands. It was spectacular!

We jammed on the balcony, singing to the city but our voices getting lost in to the Melbourne traffic. Probably a good thing because we all sounded like Darren Lockyer (raspy-voiced football player due to a career of screaming and getting knocked around).
Hoh hoh hoh, I am Louis le French profiterole

Afterwards, I picked up Deshna and we had a very, very, very good catch up/bonding session for hours!

Mega mong

Then I decided to take her macaroon virginity. We spoiled ourselves silly and bought heaps of desserts and saved the pistachio macaroons last!
Do you like how I positioned the light (bindi bindi bindi!!)?

I purposely bought myself a lemon lime bitter to break up the sweetness with the citrus punch.

I miss her already. She's back home in Brisbane now.