Sunday, March 27, 2011


We had brunch at T.G.I Fridays - my first experience at the American restaurant which is surprising as I have them in Melbourne.

We then caught a taxi to Batu Caves, he was so kind and waited for us for an hour and a bit without charge. He said he had nothing to do that day anyway!

We climbed up the 200+ steps, my mother nearly fainting, but we finally got there! The Batu Caves are limestone caves environment which the Indians' turned into their Hindu shrines, it is very beautiful.


Obviously very intimidated at first

After we browsed around we were visited by some very cheeky monkeys. They are so cute, wild and a little scary! I knew they were intelligent but I underestimated them a little. One cheeky monkey took the peanut I offered him, and then snatched the entire bag from my hands giving me and all the other tourists + worshipers a shock as I screamed! I didn't expect it, but everyone started laughing as the monkey ran up to the roof with the bag and ate it selfishly on his own, smirking at me occasionally.

I was so proud of these shot! Haha

So we bought a new packet of peanuts. There were many monkeys with babies straddling them, it is adorable and impressive how well they can still leap around with a baby wrapped around.
p.s my mum bought me this skirt hahaa

Best friends!

The cheeky one that got away with my peanut packet!!

You'd think they have claws or something but no, they're just like our little baby human hands but with a rubbery feel!

I saw monkeys look through rubbish, drink out of a can, try to snatch a phone, serve himself by grabbing the peanuts out of the packet, eat coconuts and steal the Indians' offerings (mainly bananas).
Carlos made him angry

So cute! This one was self serving into the packet rather than trying to steal the packet, and after he was done he would put all the empty shells back into the packet! One civilised, environment-friendly monkey!

He's thinking, I'm thinking

We caught the taxi to KL Bird Park. I saw that the very friendly taxi driver who gave me a short lesson in learning Malaysian liked collecting coins on his dashboard. I added an Australian 50c (He had an Australian 20c and I thought people would think the hexagonal 50c would be cool) to his collection.

Nom nom nom

KL Bird Park was marvellous!! We all enjoyed it very much. It is the world's biggest free flight aviary, so the birds just roam around with you. I saw beautiful peacocks, hornbills - well every kind of bird you can list really.
They get thirsty too!

Sweet dreams lovebird

It was hilarious when Carlos was holding a hornbill and a parrot, he chose the most aggressive two because the parrot kept moving about, agitated and also pecked Carlos' arm and the hornbill actually pecked his tongue when he had his mouth open, L-O-L!

My mum got tired so she went back to the hotel. She made a great decision because Carlos and I got lost at the boring deer park and empty orchid garden. We eventually got around to getting home.
Hahahhaa, the beak was so close to me! I can't help but be scared!

You don't know how much courage this took!

This photo was taken right before the hornbill pecked Carlos in the mouth! I wish I got the photo but instead I freaked out!

We had Ba Ku Teh, which didn't impress me much because my mum cooks it better (direct translation of the dish is meat bone tea) but still it was very delicious. We went to Merdeka Square then Little India.

There were 5 on the bench and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over"

I bought many tubes of henna for my sister and then looked around the brickfields. We had trouble communicating with the taxi driver but it was hilarious as we used hand gestures, slow speech, poor Malaysian and terrible synonyms (like he didn't understand food so we said eat, or he didn't know fish so we said sea which.. is not similar).
This little buddy landed on my shoulder when I least expected it. He was so adorable though, he chilled with me for a little bit.

He was so cute, I wanted to smuggle him back home

The bird poses better than me!

Buddy got tired of my shoulder

We were satisfied to go to Bukit Bintang where we enjoyed a very intense 1 hour foot massage and then a half hour body massage. I was in HEAVEN! And the old lady had very soft but strong hands. I also found it odd that she took my bra off for me......

Never seen a bird like this

It is very interesting haggling with taxi drivers even though it is prohibited. It is amazing how many people are dishonest which totally fools tourists. Luckily enough, we've had experience with dishonesty and I get pretty angry which makes them break down their set price. You have to be strong!
It was too hot!

National flower, orchid

Mum is obviously tired

We then went home and K.O'd.

I put the baby hat on my bun

So emotional..