Friday, April 15, 2011


I had a slothful day as I rang cupcakes and they told me the store was quiet so I didn't have to come in. So of course, I was going to never show my face!
Indonesian designer, Ramli's 25th anniversary in the fashion industry magazine photoshoot. I'm still waiting for the hard copy and my friend who is in the centre just sent me one of the pages off her phone. It was over 6 months ago, I want to see all the results already!!!

Kevin picked me up for lunch and then dropped me off to the train station. I haven't caught the train in ages, it was definitely the first time in 2011. I totally forget how the smooth ride transcends your mind into meditation and the choo choo chugging of the train eventually lullabies you to sleep. Luckily, I woke up a station before I had to get off!

I went to work for Afternoon Delights at Baraki (better understood as after work drinks sessions). One of the regulars that comes in for coffee but came in for a beer told my boss that he thinks I'm gorgeous and intelligent. My boss wouldn't stop giving me slander.

Another wife and husband came in and after talking to them for a little bit on their way out she told me that she thought I was a "Gorgeous and amazing girl with a beautiful, enriching soul" - is this why people work in bars? To get self esteem boosted by inebriated people hahaha! She also asked if I was attached because she has a 23 year old son. I thought she was very sweet though!

I then slapped on my heels and went to go have drinks with the boys. We went to a bar on Lt Lonsdale street, I had already had a few down my throat at work because we were experimenting some cocktails. I just kept it calm by ordering a Midori Sprite.
Do you like my creativity when the door doesn't lock or shut?

I soon had to go to work. Nikita Esco another gogo dancer was there and she was so small! She came up to my chin in heels! And that's about all to my boring night...
OH YEAH! I totally forgot! This girl peed her pants while she was saying her name on the guest list. I was standing a few feet behind but we were all so disgraced! Her friends totally ignored it, she ignored it and just kept talking! Afterwards we were all open mouthed in shock and she covered it up by saying, "Oops I vomitted!" which we knew wasn't the case because it came out from her skirt and she was talking while it was all happening. Plus, the smell was that distinct, putrid urine scent. Anyway, she continued to go inside and party! I mean if it was me, I would at LEAST go home and change or maybe bury myself in humiliation! I wouldn't want to be the guy dancing with her that night!