Thursday, April 14, 2011


I worked. Then I was so bored with nothing to do, so I hung about and decided to become coffee apprentice. I learned how to make most of them:
Long Black
Long Macchiato
Short Macchiato
Hot Chocolate
Chai Latte
Flat White

I was so excited and eager that every customer that came in, I was like - "CAN I MAKE YOURS?"
My lady boss scared me through that window! I never knew it existed!

Even the people that dined in, when I placed their drinks down I would tell them that they are my first coffees and if they are absolutely disgusting, make sure they come back for a new one or just spit it in my face hahahaa!

But all my remarks back were that I made great coffee and I have a great tutor (my man boss). He seemed happy I learned quick and enthusiastically. My friend picked me up so I made him a cappuccino and he said it was pretty good so I am very proud!

We went to get some tea and coffee near my university, and all of a sudden unexpectedly he had a gush of blood spurt through one of his nostrils. I was so stunned and he thought that it was an embarrassing escape of booger so he got his hand and smeared the blood across his face. I dashed over to get some serviettes. I was so proud of how I handled myself but after that moment I started feeling queasy.

I don't get why I would have a blood phobia. I mean, I know in my head it is just red liquid and no matter how much I tell myself it is red liquid, it makes my legs jelly, my stomach weak and my head flushed. At least I don't faint anymore! Hahaha!

Kevin then picked me up for dinner. We decided on Nandos back in our local area but when we got there the line was so long so we opted for burgers. I hadn't had burgers in ages! Afterwards we went to the almight book chain store Borders to take advantage of their bankruptcy closing down sale. We spent a few hours in there and I bought fridge word magnets (I've always wanted these since childhood, to make poems on my fridge haha!), a novel, 6 cute notepads which I don't know what I'm going to use for and Kevin gave me a piperoid. I saw them ages ago but they were way too expensive, its like paper pipes and you put them together to make a robot!
These are the characters I got,

Afterwards, I quickly went home to grab my ukulele and then headed to Quinton's. We recapped on all our songs and were extremely rusty. It was actually a little shameful and disgusting but I think now we're going to start getting on track.
We've started updating our neglected Facebook page for Sleeping Soda and we recorded one of our songs to put up soon. I've decided that I've let confidence and esteem get in the way of me and even if people laugh at me, I've got to really do the things I love. It's just so easy to knock me down because everyone is so talented.

Bleh! But I love Sleeping Soda's work so I should proudly share it right? I think.. right?


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Right! It's about bloody time girl :)

6 cute notepads = lots of song lyrics