Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I finished work and was waiting for my ride home so as the rain spat at my face, I looked over at the massive Asian grocery store on the other side and was lured in.

I went straight over to the Korean seaweed snacks, DON'T YOU LOVE THAT STUFF? It's simple, savoury and just crackles and melts in your mouth!

I also bought soba sauce because I had bought soba noodles ages ago hoping to make the dish but I couldn't find it in the local asian shops.

I went home, rested, then decided to make my summer childhood nostalgia of a meal. I remember mum would make this twice in a year, both times in the stricken heats of Summer.

I would get so excited seeing the thin white noodles covered with ice in the fridge, because I knew what it meant. Soba, seaweed and spring onions - cold noodles absorbing all the flavours and transferring it to my taste buds. Refreshing!

I cooked some salmon on the side and took it one level up - with a green tea milkshake. I bought green tea powder mixed with sugar cane when I was overseas with Carlos and my mother. So I dissolved the beautiful green granules, doused it with milk and plopped in some ice. The result was mouth watering. The milk even split into froth at the top so I wasn't sure if I should call it a cold green tea latte or a green tea beer. Hahaha!