Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girl's Night

The day was beautiful! The rare sunshine peaked through the grumpy sky so I did about 4 loads of washing.

I think I've got like 60 pairs of undies because I didn't do laundry for about a month, and I still had about 5 pairs left - and I use two everyday! Hahhahaa how amazing!

I then quickly got ready for my girl date with AJ. We met up in front of Hwaro Korean BBQ restaurant!

I walked in and proclaimed loudly, "RESERVATION FOR 2 UNDER DEENA!"
And the men quizzed at my name, "Serena? Deanna?"
And I stated, "No. Deena!"
"We don't have a booking under Deena."
"WHAT?! I called today!"
"Can you confirm the last three digits of your mobile number?"
"She didn't ask for my mobile number :( I called today at 11am."
"Our restaurant doesn't open at lunch."

The manager then realised that I must've called the other Hwaro that I didn't know about it. He told me that his old employee that worked under him left this restaurant and started managing the new one which coincidentally had the same name! He said not to worry and that he can squeeze us in. I was so relieved as the restaurant is usually booked out!

We ordered brisket, ox tongue, spicy thigh fillet, and Gal Bi. I ate so much kimchi and drank raspberry and white wine with AJ. We talked about everything. It was a little nice to have a girl to talk to for once (She is pretty much my only close girl friend in Melbourne)!

We shared an ice cream and then the manager tried flirting with me, constantly coming over to help me and calling me 'special' for confusing my reservation. You know how you tease them subtly?

AJ and I shared an ice cream then went to pay the bills. As we left the manager said, "WAIT! For you two ladies!"
And he handed us over lollipops. Smooth.

We talked and stumbled through the cold. AJ had prebooked tickets to the busy city cinemas for Fast and Furious 5 the day before. We were way too bloated for any movie snacks.

I thought the person sitting right in the row in front of me looked kind of familiar but I wasn't too sure. At the end of the movie he turned around and it was who I thought it was! Apparently my laughter is highly recognizable and on the irritable side! It was my engineering tutor (James) from last year!

After the movie, I bought AJ a drink to make up for the movie tickets. James joined us later on and then we went home as a few of us had work tomorrow. AJ thinks James is beautiful.