Friday, April 1, 2011


We touched down with a little delay but plenty exhaustion. We hurried out and went through all the formal legal stuff then collected our luggage. We were whisked off to quarantine and had our luggage x-rayed.

Chris picked us all up and when we were at the carpark I realised I had left my purse at quarantine because they stopped the conveyor belt after they scanned everything but my purse was still under it so I easily forgot about it.

I ran back and it was innocently sitting at reception for me! Lucky lucky!

We went to our Melbourne hotel as she didn't want to stay at my place, and luckily our room was already ready at 10am so we got to check in early! I then slept until 5pm but my mum woke up earlier and explored the streets.

Just want to ask about the part when Usher selects an audience to boogie with him? Does he pre-select or its fake? I saw some American clips and it seemed like a legit pick from the audience but this girl was dancing like a hooker all over him and didn't seem one bit excited to be hand picked out of a crowd of thousands. The only part that made her look like another ordinary citizen was that she looked like she was so randy all over Usher. I mean if I was hand picked, I'd be so nervous and cautious, but she was just rubbing, dancing, sweating and pushing boundaries confidently!

I ate McDonalds then went to the Usher concert with Chris. I'm going to skip the details because Usher didn't really excite me that much. I mean, he is really sexy and I'd use him as an ingredient in my chocolate mousse any day but his concert was slow, draggy and barely pumped me up. Plus, there was a row of tween girls in front of me that had attitude and disrespected everyone.

Usher has a very talented voice but I was bored after half an hour and was ready to leave. I felt a deeper connection with Celine Dion and Maroon 5's concert.