Saturday, April 30, 2011


I bummed all day, watched a movie and then nanny napped. It's so hard working Monday to Friday from 7:30 am and then working Friday and Saturday and getting home to sleep at 5 am. Way too topsy turvy for scheduling.

Anyway, we all ordered pizza I had a yummy Chicken Ciabatta, cheesy garlic bread then brownie bites to top it all off! Yeah, I am loving brownies lately.

I rushed over to work and I got to work downstairs again - which makes time go a lot faster as it is busier. And luckily for me, the night was quiet so I didn't have to go upstairs to open up the second bar.

In 2 weeks, I have totally improved my beer opening skills. I'm not much of a drinker so I've never had a huge amount of fast paced beer opening experience. I used to spend so long on one, with all my muscles to try and pry them off. Now I just pop them off like plastic! I can even open the twist open ones hahaha! I remember I used to never be able to do that! I learned how to make a mojito and margarita cocktails.

My bar manager was super happy with me for catching on so quick and said he wishes he could push me further and continue working downstairs. But seeing as I'm the only girl.. its weird for a boy to be at the upstairs bar (you'd have to see the place to understand).

I finished at 3:30 and noticed my Turkish colleague, Serkan was upset so I hung about with him for a while to try and cheer him up. We then talked about our work place and how Remy the French bartender (he was hired the same time I was) is the biggest sleaze and hits on anything that moves. He makes me feel a little uncomfortable, always coming up close to my face, saying seedy things to me and touching me surreptitiously in the wrong places. Ugh, disgusting.

Then we moved topic to how our workplace is fun but the management is so strange. I've all told you before about my employers.