Friday, April 8, 2011


It was a big day for me! Yesterday's double shift was nothing compared.

I started at 7:30 am, but they let me go in late so really, I started at 8am. I worked until 11:30pm, fitted in a quick banana bread for lunch and then ran to Joy Cupcakes.

I much prefer working at the vivacious, lively atmosphere of the cafe compared to the slow, pretentious dimension of Joy Cupcakes. Like in 2 days, I am so close to the owners of the cafe while at the cupcake store I only have had small talk with my colleague. The bosses seem a little sensitive so I just answer when I'm questioned.

Otherwise I do think both are great businesses for the owners. The second shift went slower but I finally finished at 3. I had a quick catch up with a friend over some green tea then started work again at 4pm.

They really needed me for the after work drinks session (called afternoon delights) at Baraki this week because they really couldn't find anyone. They knew my hectic shifts but they were appreciative to work it anyway. I concentrated more on the downstairs bar and served the function upstairs.

I finished at 8 and I changed clothes then scurried to go have KFC with Chris. It was only a short break but I felt so much better after some food. I had barely had time to sit down.

I got dropped off at Neverland, wearing a Jersey (don't worry I was wearing a singlet and pants underneath). Today was jersey night and they called me saying that I had to wear one to work. I felt like a loser but I soon got over it.

It was less stressful than usual which was a relief for me. I was a terrible contender for my manager role but I was exhausted. But since I hadn't been to this work in 2 weeks, they got 3 more people to share my role so it has gone easier and I can be less stressed. Its just that they are a little unorganized and its a little patriarchal but I'm a tomboy anyway.

Sigh, I can't even ween the words out of my brain with all my exhaustion. I slept in less than a minute after Kevin and Kingsley dropped me home but my hibernation wasn't as long as I had hoped it would be.
Number 1 Clubber of the Week:

I don't know who he is and I apologized aloud for taking the photo but I just had to, it was hilarious! Normally, people are curled next to a gutter but its the first I've seen of a starfish passed out.


Anonymous said...

ive been reading this blog for months now, and i suppose im going to have to settle for the fact that it looks like your never ever going to post a picture of you clitoris :(


..... ;/ gross anonymous.. ;/ bad guy bad.

anyway. i was about to say... love the ending with the club guy. funny. n thanks for the laughs.

Sonia Roody said...

True. Workaholics do it beyond expectations because they love every piece about their career. You see, they have a career not a job. What's the difference? A career is where you have passion for and being stable. Jobs are like those come and go stuffs. They work so hard because they aim for personal and financial stability and for their future.