Monday, April 18, 2011


I worked, made Kevin a mocha which was apparently not bad and then we went shopping together. He wanted to go hunt for a beanie to prepare for the winter winds. I ended up buying two plain Jane t-shirts and Kevin got himself a beanie and a scarf!

Then I went to the local grocer, you know those little stores that get their produce from a more local area? Well, they only had mint and coriander for me and it was much, much fresher than the big chained produce so I was happy. It was 3 dollars all up but I only had like 1.50 or a 50 dollar note. But the guy just grabbed my coins, chucked it in the register and was like, "I'll take care of you, I take care of you."

It was very sweet and he's definitely played it right because I'll be coming in more than often! I gathered the rest of the stuff I needed at the big chain grocer and went home to fulfill my craving of Thai beef salad. Nom nom nom!