Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bye Mutti

I explored Chinatown with my mother, she bought her idolized dried prunes and meat sheets (jerkey doesn't quite explain them) and then we had dumplings for lunch!

She always excessively orders! I even had to tell the lady that we only wanted one serving and not three of one dish and the lady was like but you ordered. I had to nonchalantly respond with a, "What?! No, we never ordered three."

But we all knew that my mum had! Hahahahaha! We just managed to scoff down every dumpling and pumpkin cake laid in front of us.

Then we popped over to have some coffee and gerbert (a cheaper resort from a macaroon) and then rushed over to the airport.

We made check in by 5 minutes so my farewell was rushed. I miss my cute little packaged Asian mother. I had a fabulous time overseas with her, it was a must needed catch up session! She said I got a little taller and maturer (she didn't say that to me but I read it on a e-mail she wrote to her friend when we were in Malaysia).