Saturday, April 2, 2011

Momma Lunch

Chris picked us up and surprised my mum with a beautiful birthday cake! We then went to Victoria Markets to take her around, I bought a boneless pork belly to try and impress her with my new found cooking abilities.

I also bought Quinton a cactus, seeing as I love cactuses and thought it was the perfect house warming gift. I named this elongated one (to match Quinton's crazy height) Denzel Don.

We then went over to docklands where we met Kevin and Quinton for buffet lunch. Kevin brought over an entire box of macaroons for my mum! Why are all my friends sweeter to my mother than I? Hahaha, but she was very happy.

The buffet was beautiful and my stomach expanded like a balloon as I stuffed plate after plate down my throat.

Afterwards I let my mum do some retail therapy at Bridge Road and then cooked her the pork belly! She told me she was impressed. I'm a happy daughter :)

OH and then I went to work at Baraki, the little Greek bar? And mum, Chris and Kevin came to visit me later on! I informed mum that her age might be a little off but she was more content seeing the atmosphere I worked in! I introduced her to everyone and everyone remarked on our similarities.