Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tittle Tattle

I had work in the morning, to which I heard of more gossip. One of the two bosses of Baraki tends to be a pushover but also cunning (WARNING AGAIN, don't let this leave your eyes! I'll get done for!).

I heard of a story that is never spoken about again. One time a mother brought her 18 year old daughter to Baraki to party. Ray was having shots with them and towards the darker time of night, the daughter disappeared. The mum was a little feral, screaming "WHERE THE F*** IS MY F***ING daughter!?" everywhere, yelling at security, workers and managers.

Eventually one of the bussies took the rubbish around the corner, outside and found the boss with the daughter. We don't know what they were up to but the bussy just saw them cuddling and kissing. He has a wife, who is the sister of the OTHER boss (My cupcakes boss, but he never comes to the bar - he doesn't care about that side of his businesses).

Anyway, the current manager at that time was a crazy Polish man named Matt. I've never met him but I heard he was meticulously clean and organized but once you ticked him off he was temperamental. When he watched the entire scene happen he was so disgusted and told the other boss.

You would think he'd care for the welfare of his sister (wife of the other boss) but no, the next day - crazy Polish man Matt was fired. I reckon we should start a TV Soap Opera called, Baraki Bar. Hahahaha, just as long as I'm not caught in the drama.

There is this lovely gentleman at work who always greets my bosses with both their names and always cares to have a decent conversation with them. My bosses remember all his mates names but forgot his. They told me this a while ago and I couldn't stop laughing at them avoiding trying to say his name.

Anyway this gentleman came in giving us Easter eggs and I took the opportunity to introduce myself and gather his name in a casual manner. After he went upstairs to have his coffee my bosses were hugging me around like, "YOU'RE THE BEST DEENA! YOU'RE THE BEST!"

Hahaha, absolutely hilarious! I had Bangladeshi lunch again. Then my cupcake boss called my cafe boss and was like, "Where's Deena? She's working!"

I read my roster wrong so I ran over and got into a little trouble. I didn't have my apron because I had no idea I was working today. After cupcakes, I got to bring a box of six home.

I caught the train and Kevin picked me up, took me to Coles where I bought potatoes for mash and chicken kiev. YUMMY!

For Kevin's hard work, his incentive was a cupcake so he came over and scoffed down the Chocolate Marshmallow! My mum called me and talked to Kevin for a little bit, she then texted him asking for him to continue to be like my big brother and to take care of me as she thinks I've lost all my confidence and passion - she's probably right but I was totally embarrassed she asked him that.

Then I napped and got ready for work. I dropped by Kevin's as his sister, Maxim made a decadent yet beautiful chocolate cake. I got stuck in rain traffic so I was half an hour late which sucked because I got half an hour's pay docked. I only worked because they begged me and then persuaded me with an extra $10 on top per hour.
I scribbled all over the cashier chick's board...

I did nothing for about an hour as everyone wanted to turn up fashionably late, which just made everyone fashionably on time. Then as I served tables with drinks, people were so rude! I had two guys tail me around saying, "Go to this table! Serve this table! Go check if that table is alright - its my friend's table!" And I'm like, "Dude, can't you see I'm busy serving someone else? I will go over there when I'm done."

Also when I was holding heavy jugs, people would turn around and see that I was carrying stuff and wouldn't budge. So I would shove past. People also got really inebriated way too quickly and wasted my time as they took orders slowly, took ages to count their money, and ask stupid questions. Like one guy had two tables and I put the glasses and soft drinks on one, and then alcohol on the other. He was like, "I need glasses on this side too" and I told him he could grab some from the table next to it, and he's like why? And I'm like because there's 12 people and I've put down 12 glasses so that's all you need. And his face glowed like I had thought of something intelligent and he goes, "Yes! Yes! That is a great idea! Thank you!"

I walked away with a very, very blank face!

After I finished work, I hung out with my very first Melbourne friends that I had when I was still living in Brisbane because they were out (they rarely come out!). I was having jokes with the security guards as many drunk girls embarrassed themselves and threw their dignities as we saw undies, bottoms, boobs, smudged make up, crying, wailing etc.

Then I pigged out on a box of Shapes. Aren't they the best? Only because they are never stingy with seasoning!