Monday, April 11, 2011


Seeing as music and art has lost its way to my mind lately, I decided to try baking cupcakes. Of course, the only other baking experience I've had are shortbread so I was a little petrified what they would be like.

First I took Ethan to buy a mixer because I was sick of hand stirring, and I also bought him a 3D Dinosaur book. Then went to get the ingredients.

The base of the cupcake didn't take long, but I left them in the oven a little too long that they came out looking like cone heads because of the self raising flour.

The icing however, took FOREVER. The first batch was such a fail (I totally insisted on using fresh strawberries rather than strawberry essence which caused my demise). The icing was way too runny and I tried putting more icing sugar, butter and even corn starch to thicken it up. Never stuck so I put it away.

The second batch of icing was THICK AND BEAUTIFUL! I was so ecstatic! Then as I got my home made piping bag ready, the mixture started separating and I was devastated!
Here you can see the catastrophe cakes,

So with the other bases, I spreaded nutella or peanut butter so they wouldn't go to waste. Surprisingly, they were really delicious! So was the icing but the viscosity or the lack of, of the first one and the pink diarrhoea of the second one was off putting.

I think now that I've made my own batch of cake, I'm not going to eat as much as I used to. The amount of sugar that's in those things is more than you can imagine! I was actually crazily surprised!

It's actually funny how some people have noticed how down I am and just give me these empty, poetic words that seem philosophical but mean jack sugar to me. But then there have been ones that surprisingly has picked me up and dusted my shoes off a little because I felt a little bit less alone. So thank you.

I love my mum's text message before I slept though, after a long rant it ends with (I'm typing exactly the way she did so you can sense her adorableness) - "U hav to show ur different n mature n wisdom. U still hav many choices n opportunities in the future. Don't rush at all. U need to reach ur achievement n confidence back. Don't let people think u hav beauty but pumpkin brain ok. Love u !"

Pumpkin brain made my day! Hahahaha!