Sunday, April 10, 2011


Its unmistakable- I'm depressed. I actually surprised myself how much I've bottled up inside of me until last night. On Saturday, I cried for 3 seconds here and there until I convinced myself that I was pathetic. On Sunday night, I was woken up after a deep sleep for people to annoy and anger me, to the point that I cried for 2.5 hours.

Pathetic, poignant and pitiful. Obviously, I'm not used to tears streaming from my eye ducts as I woke up this morning with red, puffy eyes. I took work off.

What am I doing?


Richard Uttley said...

Sweetheart, everyone gets depressed from time to time when they don't know where their life is going. You know, if ever you can make it to the UK (as we discussed) there's a recording studio just awaiting that fantastic voice of yours to brighten it up - then there's a record label for people without a record label (true) just waiting to release your songs on to the net (iTunes, Amazon etc). It might not be the direction in life you have planned, but it's the one your internet buddha feels could be a good one for you. Try not to be too down, you have lots of friends that care very much for you.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic, poignant, pitiful??? These are harsh words..try not to think so much!

Know what's good and going well in your life, and just be thankful and accept them as they are. Trust yourself--find something that interests you, and spend time and focus on it and become the best that you can be at it--if you don't get distracted, this might help with the feeling of not knowing what you're doing. Have faith--somehow know that all other stuff in life may just fall into place...

You sound as though you set really high, perhaps at times unrealistic albeit justified, standards for yourself, but sometimes it might be good to just let go a bit. It's easier said than done if you're the perfectionist type, but then again, nothing worth doing is easy and it might just help you feel better at the end of the day.

Anyhow, hope u feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

You know I wish I could be about 25% as cool as you.
I hope you cheer up soon! You are great and your life should be great like you :)