Friday, April 29, 2011


I went into the city to get my passport photos done. They are ugly. I'll put them up for everyone to laugh at hahahhahahaa. I told the photographer that I looked so sad and he's like, "WHAT NOOO! YOU LOOK SO HAPPY!"
Hilarious busker train riding mime!

Hahaha I was thinking in my head, "You're joking, I'm not allowed to smile so WHAT in that picture makes me look happy?!"

Mayo then came to the store and stole one of the passport photos while I was paying the man. Later he sent me this picture to rub in my face what he has in his possession now.

I met Mayo's friend Ditto then we all went shopping for Ditto's kid. The boys sucked at shopping so I added my feminine touch.

Bayu then joined all of us for coffee and then we split off into different directions to go to work. Work was slow and quiet.

Kevin then picked me up and we used my tips to buy us dinner. We went and got Xinjiang lamb, with 17 dollars I got 6 skewers and 2 drinks. Perfect!

We then met up with the boys at Cho Gao for some drinks. When I went to the toilet with Koston he took the time to tell me that I need to cheer up quickly, I've been sad for way too long and I'm starting to suck at hiding it.

I went to my next work and it was super slow. I felt like going home after ten minutes. We were so bored my colleagues and I started playing this Cantonese hand game. I lost 7 - 6 so I had to have 7 shots and Kui had 6. It must be Irish Deena day because the tequilas didn't hit me at all.

I was so glad I finished work, I was exhausted.