Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As per usual, I went to work at the Cafe this morning. Remember that really good looking manager I have at work, that does nothing and I always wonder what he does to deserve a manager's wage?

Well, seems like everyone at work secretly hates him for being nothing but an up himself douche bag. PROMISE ME, that this will only stay in your eyes because I will get slayed if one of my employers reads this!

Good looking Mr. Brooks is a British lady killer (meaning sways the ladies, easily) and just recently got married right? AND we're all disgusted because we always see him woo young ladies, touching them and shouting them free drinks. Like remember how I did Greek Festival? Well my Cafe boss, Sanju was making coffees and watching him just squeeze this young Greek lady's bottom as they flirted. Mr. Brooks came over and asked Sanju how the coffee was doing.

Sanju flashed him a dirty look and said, "Man I'm really disgusted by you."
Mr. Brooks returns with a, "What! Why?" while maintaining his casual cool.
Sanju remarked, "I saw what you were doing with her and you just got married last week!"
He brushed it off nonchalantly with a, "Just a bit of fun..." and walked away.

I was so disgusted! That poor wife (who is pregnant, obviously a shotgun wedding) and also obviously a visa wedding. Because Mr. Brooks is from England and he was here on a tourist visa that ran out coincidentally just recently.

He plays his game well. But I got the juiciest gossip of why he came to Australia in the first place. He was dating the winner of UK X-Factor and as her progress in the competition started to heat up, she broke up with him. He tailed her and broke into her FLAT in the early hours of the morning. I even read this all on the internet! She put a restraining order on him, and he continued to stalk her and a bad name was forming to his face so he fled the country.

What was more astonishing was that he dated her, a junior of nearly ten years, while cheating on his wife whom he shared a young daughter with!!!

CRAZY! That handsome face just got wasted, because he's in my disgusting books now.

So one of my customers, Marcus doesn't remember my name despite already having asked me twice. So I always rub it in by overly greeting him, "Hi MARCUS, how are you, MARCUS?! Hows work, MARCUS?!" and its so hilarious when he replies with, "HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DEEEEEEEEEEE....DEEE...... Deester!" or "Whats up... DEEE.....BANGER!"
Trying to cover up the forgotten "Na" to the end of my name. Hahahahaha!

I dropped a dish today, but it wasn't really my fault, I was drying the dishes and one of them just fell through the slits but oh well! After work my lovely lady boss ran out to get me some Bangladeshi food and WOW it is so good!

I enjoyed the butter chicken much more than the stock standard Indian! And their lentil and zucchini (I don't love zucchini too!) tasted exquisite!

I went home and I baked a walnut brownie! I need to perfect it though, my plan is less flour, less cocoa but more walnuts!