Saturday, April 23, 2011


I don't remember doing anything all day except watching the NBA Dallas vs. Portland game and Road to El Dorado. I bummed around all day and had another nanny nap in the afternoon.

I then played Connect 4 until 7pm, when I knew Kevin was picking me up at 7:30! I got ready in time anyway, except I couldn't find my second hair tie which is important. My hair is so thick and heavy that it needs more than one elastic band's support! I found a rubber band and tied that into my hair.

We went to eat at this cute little Korean restaurant that we walked past last week. It ended up being a Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant. We ordered, ox tongue, shredded pork belly and bulgogi. It was no where near the best bulgogi I had but the ox tongue was good (not the best) and the shredded pork was delicious (only because they use that peanut/sesame shabu shabu sauce I love so much)!

We then chilled out in front of the State Library, throwing our shoes off and releasing the inner bogans in us. My mum texted me an alarming message so I called her. Kevin calls me a rough nut because I'm so conditioned and desensitized to every situation that strikes me now. I listened to my mum with my heart open but in the end, its the same story I've heard for so long.

We then picked up Vivian, one of the girls that work for me - and then my sister called me to tell me her side of things. I listened without bias but in the end I don't want to go sticking my finger into someone elses' beef.

I got to work, chatted to Ertz the security guard from outside then got to work. Fast forward a few hours, and I was stealing the chocolate they were giving to people dressed in white, it was so delicious! I stuffed a handful into my purse and munched on it all night! The strawberry Meiji chocolates are so delicious!

While I was working, Gadam - one of the door guards/ticket collectors ran out to tell me that this guy kept saying he's from Brisbane and knows me (and wanted to be let out), so he asked me to take care of him because this guy was annoying him. I was thinking what the hell so I went to take care of it. I walked up to him thinking he looked familiar but I wasn't sure who he was and once he told me his name it all clicked! When I saw him before I didn't realise because I didn't expect a Brisbane person to be at my club so I just thought he looked familiar.

Anyway, he tailed me working a little. Apparently when he held my clipboard for me while I went to the toilet, girls took photos with him and was flirting with him! So he begged me to lend me the board of legendary power to him so he can fill his phone up with numbers. Hahahaha, I found that hilarious.

I had a few drinks with him and some co workers. Then he asked me a favour saying that his mates were outside because the line wouldn't budge at another club. The time was already 1:30 when people aren't really let in anymore but I went to talk to security. They told me that the club was already full house and that 20 guys and 2 girls is a pretty bad ratio. I just pulled their legs a little and they were like, "FINE! You boys are lucky that she likes you! Otherwise you would never get in!"

I was relieved! I would've hated for Brisbane people to not have a good night out when they traveled 2000km down. In the end, I knew a few of the people in that crowd but geez was I terrible! One girl hugged me and was like, "DEENA!" and I looked at David and mouthed, "Who is she???!!?"

She ended up being one of my friend's exes and my goldfish memory was revoked! After work I put my stuff away and dragged the door girl, Hollie along to dance. We had a few drinks and ended up dancing on stage (don't worry, we're not the type to look like an easy mess). We boogied for a while then caught some fresh air and to catch up with other friends.

We used the last of our free drink cards, and the Indian bartender was like sorry I need 3 for these two drinks. And we said we only had 2 and he goes, okay well do you have at least a dollar? And we both were like, nope no dollar. And he stared at us holding our two drink cards then grabbed a dollar from the tip jar and put it through. Hahahaha!

After having his fun of girls, Kevin and I left to go home. We sorted out little discrepancies and bonded our best friendship closer. We were both so tired though, as we said our goodbyes (we don't hug) even our unique handshake lacked in effort.