Saturday, April 23, 2011

Monster Nugget

You know how I always mention having Nandos? Well I had it for lunch - and for those who don't know it. This is the beautiful moist Portugese, peri-peri drenched chicken called Nandos. I'm craving it now!

I then napped. Hahaha all this topsy turvy sleeping schedule gets me sleepy okay!?

I had Subway for dinner then got ready for work. My friend caught me eating the Easter egg which we were all meant to save for Easter Sunday. He said if I wear the children's bunny ears and eat it then its okay.

So.. I stupidly wore Cadbury bunny ears while I hacked into the giant egg.

I then worked. Elias wasn't here today so I got to start off downstairs, 2 hours flew so quickly because downstairs is much busier. I then moved back upstairs which was boring again, I had a bit more of a crowd though because we had 5 dollar cocktail shots upstairs. My friends came and they didn't know I worked there - I got them drunk.

For the end of my shift, I was downstairs once again. I then packed up upstairs then wiped the tables downstairs. Kevin came to fetch me and he waited as I cleaned. While I cleaned the tables one of the band members came to chat with me. He was pretty nice. I realised the other band members are pretty cocky and expect priority attention and free drinks all the time.

Kevin and I then feasted at McDonald's and there was this monster nugget we found. It looks like a chicken fillet!

Happy Easter!
(this was the "Stop Taking Photos!!" face)