Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last Day

We woke up at 11 completely sleep deprived and we put on Chung King Express while we packed and cleaned.

It took me the entire movie to finish packing as I went about it slowly and carefully, probably trying to cling on to the time left in the apartment.

Hong Kong has this great service where you can check in at any Kowloon stations and leave your luggage for them to bring to the airport so we decided to head there. The taxi driver drove like crazy and I started to feel really queasy and sick.

I hadn't felt like that since China, I checked in and then hurried Quinton to find toilets. I scurried inside and vomited! My puke was as pretty as the green tea ice cream I ate in the morning and I felt sorry for the cleaner outside that heard everything.
It was the third time in my life throwing up! Once when I was 4 in Japan, and then twice this year - in Shenzhen, China and now Hong Kong! So I was kind of intrigued because I rarely feel the sensation hahaha, it really does help you feel better!

Quinton and I decided on lunch and yes, it was sushi! I love sushi and the fish here compares well with Tsukiji, Japan but half the price. We walked around Elements (an upper class shopping centre) then headed to the airport.
Edamame that I accidentally squeezed onto the table, how cute are they! So innocent!

I bought a magazine then said goodbye to Quinton. I was really sad to go and say bye but I guess every travel calls on post holiday blues. I missed Quinton as soon as I got inside though, although I've known him for 5 years the 2 weeks made me appreciate our friendship so much more.

I sculled two bottles of water as I was still very sick then went to catch the plane to Taipei. I was nauseous the entire flight but luckily it was only an hour. I got to Taipei Airport and bummed for 3 hours. I bought my sister's 18th birthday present from Tiffany & Co. I wrote this on one side of the card, and I was right because as soon as I gave it to her she opened it even though her birthday is one week off!