Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mini Deena

Quinton and I decided to finally go for a drive in his dad's neglected yet absolutely beautiful in character of a Mini Cooper. I was so surprised to see that the constantly described car of 'old' and 'troublesome' turned out to be in super mint condition, coated in lustrous purple paint, roaring like a Chinese dragon, and prepared for a night out in Hong Kong.

We took it all the way to New Territory, where Quinton looked like a beast in a pea of a car, I swear his knees were steering the wheel and he had to bob down each time he needed to see out the window for directions. Quinton decided that this suburb in New Territory called, "Big Water Dam" sounded interesting so we headed there.

We parked, paid and went to explore.. only to find a petty water trough that trickled under a bridge. He then realised that he mistranslated and the suburb was actually called, "Big Water Trough"
Why are you screeching, Mini Deena?"

All tucked in to sleep :)

So, Mini Deena, Deena and Quinton decided to move on. I decided to name the car Deena as it started whining at a high decibel screech and everyone stared at the car, much like when I walk around Hong Kong I get stared at everywhere and then I constantly whine at a high pitch tone at Quinton.

Fail water trough

We went to Tai Po Hui and it had nothing - except a lovely public toilet so I did my business there (wait! wait just a number 1). We were about to walk on this path but realised that it probably lead to a cemetery.. so we ran back.

Next stop for the screeching Mini Deena (I was slightly worried at this point for the car but had good faith) was back home. We pushed the baby too far, and even the Stereo died, the indicators were uncontrollable and the engine continued to cry.
People dressed up like bugs at Mongkok, selling fairy floss..

I had fun. I love little adventures! We parked the car, bought VCDs, drank juice and headed home to write a new song.

Monday Morning
Verse 1
Standing in a crowded platform
with people passing, off to work
My head is spinning and hungover
I ask myself, why don't I learn?

The train doors close and I try to climb out
My mind refrains, I'm paralyzed
Cause in the end I'm stuck in a pattern
And the show must go on

Cause its Monday morning
And 8 feels like 4 o'clock
No one remembers the day anyway
I'm crying on the inside for what's to come
Give me a fast forward button
Get me out of here now, I said.
Get me out of here now.

Verse 2
Everyone wearing the same clothes
Next stop Admiralty, our cue to leave
Rushing through the traffic battle
Staring blankly, like androids

I wish I didn't get up, sorry Monday
Hit me up a double espresso shot to
wake from what I left behind
Monday seems so close yet far from Sunday
Can I call and say, "My apologies-
Boss, I'm not coming in today?
Ehekjerm, I'm sick"


Anonymous said...

I like your pictures throughout your whole blog! what camera/(lens?) do you use??