Friday, January 21, 2011

Vomit Majesty

My sister and I lazed around then went for Hog's Breath Cafe steak and mash. Amazingly, after all our errands - it was already 9:15pm. Damn, daylight savings! Who invented such a thing! It would make sense if daylight savings was in winter, because the point is to enjoy more time in the sun right?
Jana, Chris, Kevin

But say, we do the concept in summer... the sunshine is already out til like 8pm meaning that with DST, sunshine is out til 9pm. So our body clock is totally out of whack and we would want to eat dinner at like 10pm and sleep at like 2 am.

Commit the concept in winter and we'll have sunshine until 6pm, which will seem more normal and the feeling that the day has died already won't feel as blunt. Either way, I think DST is lame and my hometown/state is smart to not adapt to such a trend.

Think about the moo moo cows in the farms who have to wake up 1 hour earlier and not understand why their body clocks are being interrupted. They work with the sunlight, not human time! Okay, Chris is laughing at me writing this but really, :(

I think I've mentioned this already - just re-iterating, guys!
These are after few hours of dancing so its a little gross..

I had half an hour to get ready for work at 10pm, I was waiting for Kevin's pick up until he TEXTED me that he just got bought a drink so he'll be late, so I was rushy rushing to get there and half an hour's pay got deducted (all good because they needed me half an hour extra in the end anyway so I'm covered).

Work was an eye-roller and as bottle manager, I copped a lot of shit. One of the bottle girls were being slack (I've already got 1 girl fired in my 1st week as manager) and 3 tables had their drinks stolen and expected us to magically make it reappear >.< I reckon some of the people were just trying to ooze free drinks out of me, because they would say one story to me (that it got stolen) and to another person that I never gave them their drinks (lies).
Martin & Jana - K.O

A girl also cut her foot open with glass and so I heaved her to the staff area then half carried, half jumped to where the first-aid kit was. For those who don't know, I SUCK WITH BLOOD; it is my arch nemesis, yet I had to put pressure on that never ending bleeding cut while cringing and feeling queasy. I stayed with her, washed her bloody shoes, gave her water and chatted with her a little. She said in her best English that I was a lovely, sweet girl and I was glad my fear-facing gesture was appreciated *insert big grin here*

Events for the rest of the night:
- My sister vomited on the table + carpet
- My sister went missing ;-)
- There was a girl prancing around in just a bra and a g-string, rubbing her bits on boys, walls and podiums (I promise you, she was less classier than a prostitute and it was not a sight you would want to behold, my eyeballs have shriveled from disgust)
- I got a 5 dollar tip
- I got to finally catch up with my cute University friends :)
- A guy tried to pick me up with a terrible line and I just totally laughed in his face, whacked my work paper across his head and said, "You've got to be kidding me! That was an awful line,"*** and just went back to work.
For those interested I will name Lame Pick Up Man as L and Deena as D:
L: Hey, can we buy a champagne bottle?
D: No sorry, its only for the VIP tables
L: Can I at least buy a champagne bottle and bring both of you back to my place?
D: *above dialogue***
L: Well, fine, I'll buy a champagne bottle for both of us to enjoy here?
D: Ew. *exit stage left*
My University Babies!

He came up to me twice again afterward murmuring other lines but my ears blurred them into pipsqueak fuzz talk and to which I replied, "I'm busy, please."
These are only pictures from my phone, Linh took some but she is capped right now so I'll upload later :)
Denny's Jumanji Bracelets!


Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me where your sister got her shoes from? the black strappy wedges!
I have been looking for those exact shoes for ages.
Thankyou so much and I love reading your blogs!
love V.

Anonymous said...

Tony Bianco in Melbourne.