Saturday, March 12, 2011


I took Quinton to Ikea today, and after walking around - he bought a table, dishwasher rack and other very small items. At least I know he doesn't go crazy in this Swedish world like I do.

Afterwards we ate dinner at Nandos, well more like "lunchinner" for me!

I decided to call my dad as my texts weren't sending (I didn't want to distract the telephone lines you know?) so I called his pub. My stepmother answered, coldly, and told me my dad wasn't in. So I asked her to make sure everyone is okay and apparently the shop just has minor damages but their area was fine so I was relieved.

I just kept pushing that I'd call back for dad but she was just like nah, nah don't worry about it. I was a little confused, sent my regards and said farewell. I decided that as his daughter, I wasn't happy so I called his mobile to hear him whispering on the other end.

We talked for a little bit, our usual small talk and to double check his safety. I finally realized why he was whispering when he told me he was in hospital. He's in for at least 1 or 2 weeks but not from the natural tremor but due to health.

I used any kind of resource to contact my Japanese friends, so two twittered back to me. They're all fine but I'm actually worried about one of them because his usual bubbly, vivacious character was reduced to a response of two words, "I'm ok."
The best thing I can do is just send my prayers, I am sorry.

My sister then called me to say she rang my father as well, she was crying and gosh I didn't realise until later on but I'm definitely cold hearted. I didn't understand why she was crying, she was telling me how her and daddy exchanged sentimental words and I just didn't bite into it. And she wanted to keep talking and asking how my conversation was with him and I was just kind of like, "Ok I'm going."

I think I have a soft spot issue there or I am a brick wall.

We hung out at Quinton's until it was time for me to go to work. This is Quinton's revolting, vomit wrenching 24 year old pillow..

Went to work, it was so boring upstairs. First I was scared of this one cockroach but afterwards it helped me kill time and we played hide and seek.. when it came out I'd smash the bottle opener near it to scare it with loud noises (I hate killing things) and then it'd go in hiding, but peek-a-boo frighten me and I'll scare it with loud noises.. etc etc.

I was also playing catch with ice with myself and invented drinks for my sick colleague.
I call this one Serkan's Sick Therapy because its loaded with vitamin C! (Plenty of fresh lemon, orange and pineapple juice + 2 shots of vodka)

I whimsically called this one, Limin' Appleberry which has plenty of fresh lime, apple juice, cranberry juice and yes, 2 shots of vodka hahaha!

I won't example anymore because I realise the red light at my bar just makes everything look the same. The funky Jamaican reggae band was on tonight, what a terrible photo!

Then at the end they needed someone to take care at the door so here I was doodling all over the paper again. Boring! I dropped my colleague back home then picked up 4 little drunk monkeys from the club.

I didn't register how heartbroken I was about my dad being in hospital for serious pancreatitis. I know the big fat majority of my readers won't know and just read and think I am so cold. Its just when someone as important as his bloodline yet you see them as often as 7 year chunks, well its a little difficult to automatically and instantly retrieve emotionalism.

I came home and chatted with Ryohei (Japanese friend) and together discussed and watched footages of Japan, I am so naive to think only 1 death would occur like reported on Friday.. the numbers have jumped to 1000 and I can't help but be heartbroken. Two of my hometowns (and for many others) have tragically been hit by floods/earthquakes/cyclones/tsunamis in the last 3 months and you know, its when that happens that it really hits right home in your vascular organs and you just think - "Shit."

May everyone's friends and families be safe.