Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best Friend Day

I was at the cafe until 11:30am and then I ran over to Joy Cupcakes to work 12 to 3pm. I was extremely tired after that, especially after 8 hours of standing. I just wasn't used to using my legs for that long.

My boss gave me three cupcakes to try out. A black and white vegan, dark chocolate and a gluten-free red velvet. The cupcake store is all about organic and no artificial additives so they offer choices for those who are on a stricter diet. I thought it'd be good to try them out.

I gave the red velvet to a friend, shared the dark chocolate with my cafe boss when I went back to Baraki for a staff meeting and had the last one with Kevin later on.

I had Korean fried chicken with Kevin. We devoured a whole plate between ourselves, including unlimited refills of pickled daikon radish and salad. Our stomachs protruded after that meal as we waddled back to the car. We hadn't seen each other for a while so it was a great catch up dinner. I missed our best friend Wednesday days, which we are now going to try for Thursdays.