Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Angry American Coffee

I wasn't as enthused waking up this morning, as the air was colder and the night was dyed noir black. Although, I didn't have to wash my hair today, the time it took for me to get ready was still the same.

I ate my Portugese chicken, garlic rice left over from dinner last night and booted. It was another day of coffee, food and dishes.

I served this one American lady and her Australian boyfriend their respective flat white and latte. She greeted me with a charismatic smile and I thought she was pretty until the whips cracked. She asked me, "Did you put my brown sugar in?"

I knew on the docket there was no sugar in there but a request to leave it on the side so I pointed that I had brought brown sugar on the side for her. Then a cacophony of deafening profanity and vocals rung in the air as she referred to my boss, Nadia, "She totally f**ked up my order! I asked for a f**king simple teaspoon of sugar into my coffee and you guys can't even do that!"

I replied to her, "Don't worry! I can go and stir in the sugar for you."
She spits out, "That girl totally f**ked it up! Go put the sugar in for me!"

I was so stunned that from such ugly words can escape a pretty face. I stirred in the sugar and Sanju my other boss (they're fiancees) said he'd take it over to the rude lady.

Later on, she ordered a refund saying it wasn't how she ordered it and still had the guts to sit there reading our newspaper and insulting us aloud. I can't imagine how temperamental she is in a relationship! I mean if you want sugar, just say "flat white with 1 sugar."

Coffee lovers get so agitated. I had a latte as my boss has taken on the project of trying to convert me to share the love of coffee. It went straight to my head and it still hurts after a few hours. This is why I don't drink condensed caffeine amounts like that - I'm going to be sleeping at 5am.

When I finished my shift I received two chunky texts from my mother.
It was heavy loaded about how I am languid and lacking in my personality, and I agree. She talked about how I'm going no where but in circles and I burden myself too much for my own good. I've definitely got a lot to think about.