Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mak Family

I had work until 12, then I quickly popped over to the bank. Banks are always so busy aren't they? Its amazing how every branch seems to always maintain customers... Anyway I waited there for about 20 minutes and then started walking to Market Lane.

Gareth had invited me for lunch with his family (they were down from Brisbane for 3 days). I had heard of Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, and actually read up on it the night before and then coincidentally got invited the very next day! The dumplings were very beautiful!

Except my very first one, Gareth tried to help out and put it on my plate except his chopstick stuck to the skin and just popped all the soup out of it.

His parents were very lovely. His mum was the sweetest little cherub, constantly offering me food. I swear out of all the food that was brought out, I had 40% of it between 5 people. My belly protruded over my jeans - I was so full!

I tried this sweet wine rice ball dessert, and it was delicious! Afterwards, Gareth and I decided to hang out and catch up. We caught a movie. I was so eager to watch Thor but Gareth broke the news that he had already seen it even though he said a few days back, "WHEN I COME DOWN WE CAN WATCH THOR TOGETHER."

So instead we watched Limitless. The story had potential to go somewhere, but instead it gave one of those endings without reason. I hate those - its like, a great story build up, climax and then the resolution is like - AND THEN EVERYTHING TURNED OKAY SOMEHOW, IT SOUNDS LIKE A LEGIT REASON THAT I'M BULLSHITTING TO YOU BUT AFTER YOU THINK ABOUT IT YOU REALISE THAT IT DOESN'T EXPLAIN HOW IT SOLVED ALL THE PROBLEMS. You know those kind of endings?

Afterwards, we went to Bourke St and Melbourne Central, to window shop. There was this man playing in the middle of the street and I questioned how he moved that piano around and how long he had been there for. He's very skilled but plays with the utmost nonchalance.

Gareth bought pen fillers, and I always wondered if anyone I knew was into those fancy pens. You know Parkers and Mont Blanc etc.

I bought a book that I'm going to fill up for Mother's Day. And a box of tea for Gareth's mum.

We caught the tram back to his hotel, I said my farewells to the lovely Mak family!
Looks like Baby Mohabs

I came home to find that Ethan was eager to play with me. So as I blogged on the computer he just kept on yabbering with whatever came into his head. It's really fascinating how he continues on with verbal diarrhoea but together it doesn't make sense. I took a polaroid of him, he has this face he does when I take a photo of him where he thinks its a beautiful smile but it isn't. So I tickled him so he cracked up into a natural smile! I love the polaroid, and he made me put it against my laptop screen as I worked.