Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bye Whitsunday

I was sad to leave. We all woke up and checked out of the motel. We booked a taxi to the airport and were on our merry way. We had breakfast at the airport then hopped onto the plane.

I was trying to read a traveller's guide because after visiting Whitsundays which was just a backyard to Brisbane (where I lived for 12 years yet I never visited) I woke up to the realisation that I am not seeing the beautiful land of Australia and I am eager to run a bout.

My next stop is either Cairns or Perth - I'll wait for Tasmania to warm up a little before I take a visit. I tried to read the book for about an hour and gave up to sleep.

We went to the car and went home. Chris went by to the shops to get lunch ingredients and Carlos and I exchanged photos. We also tried to find other beaches in the world that had pure silica sand and apparently Whitehaven is the only one!

We made nachos and then hung out. Carlos went home and I went to get ingredients for dinner. I decided to try and make Potato & Leek Soup to warm up the Melbourne winter weather.